[artinfo] Post Autonomy, The Future of Art

Janos Sugar sj at c3.hu
Tue Jul 10 17:28:46 CEST 2007

Post Autonomy reflects the state of contemporary art.
Post Autonomy stems from the idea that modern art, as a research or 
understanding of autonomy, has reached its limits in comprehending 
autonomy. In that respect art can be seen to have exited autonomy.
What comes after Autonomy in art can be discussed by Post Autonomy.
Using a practice-orientated analysis of cultural, social, and 
political forces the aim is to develop a new mental framework out of 
which art can be reinvented.
For further information, see this article on wikipedia:

The Faculty of Invisibility composes itself of a group of artists,
practitioners, designers, theorists and teachers who mutually carry 
out an emerging institute. Tutors, by invitation, open departments 
relevant to their practices. The authority over these departments is 
at the disposal of the tutors. Each department determines its own 
sites and decides on its format. Hence the Faculty's scope cannot be 
detached from the tutors' practices. the Faculty does not stage 
events and does not take public appearances, besides issuing its 
communications. As such the Faculty of Invisibility appears to be in 
disengagement, a context in withdrawal.

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