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>The Department for Image Science will award scholarships for the 
>Master of Arts courses "MediaArtHistories" and "Image Science" which 
>take place at Danube University Krems and accommodate full-time employment.
>The scholarships provide artists and scientists from Eastern Europe 
>with the possibility to join this special program.
>Because of the EU expansion, the media art scene of Eastern Europe 
>is getting closer to the center of Europe and paving its way into 
>the visual field of international critics and collectors.
>Art and culture are gaining more importance for tourism and as an 
>economic factor. Furthermore, countries like Hungary, Estonia and 
>Bulgaria are making first steps to document treasures of art and 
>culture in a digital way in order to offer access to their national 
>heritage for a wide audience. New media allow the integration and 
>presentation of historic treasures spanning to contemporary art 
>installations and show exemplary ways of international co-operation 
>in order to open new insights for scholars.
>=> Sponsorship from the Department for Image Science
>With the scholarship offering 50% of the tuition fee, artists and 
>scientists from the new European member states will get easier 
>access to knowledge and are offered the opportunity to develop and 
>discuss innovative projects and initiatives in the field of art and 
>culture and to work towards their realization assisted by some of 
>the most renowned experts in the field.
>The Department for Image Science considers these scholarships, 
>besides the support, as a possibility to intensify the quality of 
>the study through the formation of a transnational and 
>interdisciplinary network.
>=> Eastern Europe Scholarship for MediaArtHistories
>The scholarship should go to artists and researchers from the 
>eastern countries working in the field of conservation, 
>documentation and presentation of media arts or persons interested 
>in doing research in this field.
>=> Transdisciplinary study with international background: 
>MediaArtHistories, MA
>The unique program "MediaArtHistories, MA" addresses artists, 
>employees of museums, exhibitions personnel, gallerists, art 
>historians, media scientists or people interested in the field and 
>provides the key developments of recent and contemporary art.
>Supported by online databases and other high end teaching equipment 
>the post-graduate university course introduces students to the 
>various forms of media art - from computer animation, net art, 
>interactive, Telematic and Genetic art spanning over 
>CAVE-installations and Augmented Reality to the latest reflections 
>of artists in the area of Nano Art - which are being presented and 
>discussed by international experts. Specialists like Lev Manovich 
>and Erkki Huthamo are among the famous lecturers. Students come from 
>USA, Austria, Hungary and Switzerland. Because of the modular 
>structure of the course, it is possible to enroll several times a year.
>Applications for the scholarship should contain a letter of 
>motivation and may be submitted in German or English. Time for 
>applications will end on the 15th of March 2007.
>MediaArtHistories, MA (in English)
>http: //www.donau-uni.ac.at/mediaarthistories
>Further information and applications for the scholarship
>Sabine Lindner
>Phone: +43 (0)2732/893-2569
>Fax: +43 (0)2732/893-4551
>e-mail: sabine.lindner at donau-uni.ac.at

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