[artinfo] AMP's Echo Chamber: Call for Submissions

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Mon Feb 26 11:03:27 CET 2007

AMP is calling for submissions of work - by artists of any kind - that
is a response to another art form. You do need to be a member of AMP
to participate, but it's easy to join - just go to
<http://pluginamp.com>http://pluginamp.com and sign up. It takes 
about 5 minutes. AMP, the
Artists' Meeting Place and Resource Collective, is a worldwide
collective of artists networking together to build and support local
and international artists, create new art communities, and enhance
those that already exist. A uniquely democratic approach to
networking, AMP's members include practitioners of all kinds of arts,
at every level from hobbyists to career professionals. AMP welcomes
all artists, and those who work in any kind of art field - at any
level, in every corner of the world. The idea is that everyone has
something to offer, with a diverse international community of
creatives making a powerful blend of resources. AMP now has well over
2000 members in over 60 countries worldwide (the latest is Zimbabwe).

AMP's Echo Chamber: Call for Submissions

AMP Members are invited to submit their work - visual, audio,
performance, conceptual, and more - for inclusion in AMP's Echo
Chamber, a performance/art event to take place on Saturday night,
March 24th, in Downtown Los Angeles, California, USA, at Art Share Los

We are seeking work created in reference to, or inspired by, art in
another genre. Work from anywhere in the world is eligible, as long
as you can arrange for shipment and return shipment of the piece to
and from Los Angeles. Examples could include a dance piece about a
painting, a song about a poet, a painting inspired by a piece of
music, and so on.

We are also seeking AMP members available to create collaborative
performance pieces. While any AMP member is eligible to perform at
the event you must be personally available and interested in
collaborating with another AMP artist to produce a performance piece
for the event. If you can either collaborate with someone else via
email or telephone and then be in Los Angeles a few days before March
24, or you live in Los Angeles, you're eligible. A collaboration
could be live painting in response to a band's set, an experimental
lighting design creating context integral to a performance, a
sonic-percussive-dance collaboration, and more.

Why an "Echo Chamber?"

A vibrant artistic community's greatest asset is not only its
collective talent, but its diversity. Any AMP event would feature
diverse works of art, but we decided to take it one step further by
asking our members to collaborate by "echoing" one another's
individual pursuits. As any wall might provide an echo, any art form
can serve to inspire another. By collaborating with fellow artists
the possibilities for new and interesting revelations are endless.
And since this event is taking place in Los Angeles, it might serve to
inspire you to think of the "original" echo chamber located at
now-defunct Gold Star Studios at Santa Monica and Vine. This
subterranean tunnel is where Phil Spector created his "wall of sound,"
and where countless pop records were infused with a majestic
atmosphere. AMP's Echo Chamber allows artists to create their own
unique noise.

The Details

* Submissions are due by 5 pm PST (West Coast USA) time on Tuesday,
March 6.
* Email submissions to <mailto:amp.echo%40gmail.com>amp.echo at gmail.com
* Attach images, sounds, links to your email.
* Final decisions about submitted works and performance pairings to be
made by AMP Executive Director Terri Anderson in consultation with
members of AMP's International Advisory Board.
* Exceptional visual art submissions will be selected for a two-month
long exhibit to be held in Pasadena through AMP member Liza Simone's
Phantom Galleries project.
* A CD/DVD will be made of the event, so AMP members worldwide can
share the experience. 

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