[artinfo] Photophobia at the Kaliningard Art Gallery

Paula Muhr paula_mik at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 15 12:35:33 CET 2007

program of slide-films PHOTOPHOBIA


Organizer: National Centre for
Contemporary Arts, Kaliningrad Branch, Russia

Senior curator: Yevgeny

Curator: Elena Gladkova

Editing: Oleg Lystsov


On February 16, 2007 the Kaliningrad Branch
off the National Centre for Contemporary Arts will present its program of
slide-films Photophobia within the framework of the third international biennial
of photography Photomania-2007 at the Kaliningrad Art Gallery (Moscow prospect, 60-62). Photographers
and artists from Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Sweden, Greece, Iceland, Austria, Norway and Great Britain participate in the


The “Photophobia”
project does not aim to refuse from photography as art form, the title is
rather an invitation to reflect on contemporary photography and forms of its
existence and representation. Technologies allow refusing from traditional
printing and creating multimedia projects with sound, subtitles, special
effects, etc. 


“Photophobia” is: 

- a fear to freeze
on a gallery wall in the form of a print,

- access for wider
audience due to new media,

- aspiration to new
forms of existence of photography,

- democratic
approach and absence of professional restrictions




Paula Muhr “Inventing Solitude”, 2002-2005, Germany

Norbert Wiesneth “Channel”, 2006, Germany

Zer Gut group “730 Days in Tarpaulin Boots”, 2004, Russia

Margit Sade “Observations of Portable Paranoias and Altarpieces”, 2006, Iceland

Jonas Adrian Lilleengen « Charged Spaces », 2006, Norway

Oleg Lystsov “Tricolor Utility”, 2006, Russia

Hanna Sjoberg “The Grandfather’s Kaleidoscope”, 2006, Germany

Agryro Koutsibela “HOMEND”, Greece

Yevgeny Umansky “Turkey Cock”, 2006, Russia

Jonas Jensen “The Murmurs of the Red Ball”, “Self-Portraits”, 2006, Norway

Marina Fomenko “He is wearing
a red shirt
”, 2006, Russia

Andreas Scherz “Network cameras”, 2006, Austria

Hanna Maria Jordan “Again and Again”, 2006, Norway 

Akimov Danil “Soundartlab”, 2006, Russia

Olga Kiseleva “Demonstrations”, Russia-France

Maria Backman “Creation of the Earth”, 2006, Sweden

Dmitry Shubin «The Russians”, 2006, Russia

Magnus Petersson “Sealed”, 2005, Sweden

Elena Gladkova “Construction Site 750”, 2005, Russia

Roger Palmer “Houseboat”, 2006, Great Britain

Peter Riedlinger “Kaliningrad Transit”, 2006, Germany

Roman Yermakov “Emotions Inside out”, 2006, Russia

Alexey Shindin “Mundane Happiness”, 2005, Kazakhstan

Sistra group “Honey?”, 2004, Russia

Den Marino “Industrial Animals”, 2006, Russia

Kalle Brolin and Kristina Muntzing “Teufelsberg”, 2006, Sweden

Common Wince group (Julia Abramova, Alexander Lyubin) “ProYavleniya”,
2005, Russia

Stanislav Zarechansky “Generation of Yard-keepers and Watchmen”, 2006, Russia



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