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Call for participation on the Internet platform Europe Now | Europe Next 
- The dedicated platform to share artists’ voices in the debate on the 
changing Europe

What is Europe Now | Europe Next?
Europe Now | Europe Next is an open meeting place, an on-line and 
real-life platform where artists contribute their work or comment on 
works of other artists, where people can encounter each other, 
contribute, debate, question and interact. It provides a channel of 
communication across Europe, exchanging messages between artists, 
authors, intellectuals, living within the EU, persons living in states 
aiming to join the EU and those in the new neighbouring States.

It connects European artists and projects with each other and presents a 
platform of their work and ideas to a wider public.

Through a series of 'Encounters' it will focus on the process and 
effects of European enlargement from the point of view of artists and 
cultural operators, with themes such as 'Intercultural Dialogue', 
'Cultural versus National Borders' and 'the Political Potential of Art'.

How will it work?
The Encounters will be available on http://www.europe.culturebase.net ; 
an open exchange between all participants through artistic contributions 
in the form of text, images, audio and video and discussion forums on 
the themes.

The debate will cross national boundaries, joining people up, offering a 
common ground to overcome assumptions and stereotypes. Europe Now| 
Europe Next provides a space in which a multi-lateral debate can take place.

As well as Encounters taking place on-line, there are 'Live Encounters' 
events in Constanta, Budapest, Odessa, Warsaw and Gdansk. These will 
bring together artists, cultural practitioners, writers, philosophers, 
scientists, sociologists and others in live debates and the sharing of 
presentations of work. These will then be shared more widely via the 
on-line platform.

Connecting artists and projects
As well as connecting artists to each other in order to stimulate 
critical debate Europe Now | Europe Next will connect existing projects 
across Europe to share knowledge and grow networks. It will showcase the 
practice of artists and the work of cultural institutions, looking at 
whether it reflects any shared European values and engages with issues 
facing Europe.

How you can take part
View the artists' contributions, submit a contribution of your own to 
one of the themes by clicking here: 

Invation to comment on the Encounter
Cultural versus national Borders
On the Internet under http://www.europe.culturebase.net or/and to visit 
the live-event in Budapest

February 19-20, 2007,
Organized by the House of World Cultures, Berlin
Location: Collegium Budapest, Szentháromság u. 2, 1014 Budapest
Admission free
Please register under: 2248 300, tunde at colbud.hu
Conference language: English

Comment online on the statements of the following participants and 
listen to their presentations at the live Encounter:

Eugenijus Aliąanka, poet, LT
Łukasz Sk±pski (Azorro), artist, PL
Dr. Yilmaz Dziewior, art critic and curator, GER
Maja Fowkes and Dr. Reuben Fowkes, art historians and curators, UK
Szabolcs KissPál, artist, HU
Gergely László, artist, HU
László Márton, author, HU
Miran Mohar (IRWIN), artist, Map, SL
Tanja Ostojic, artist, YUG
Péter Rákosi, artist, HU
Katarina Sevic, artist, HU
Péter Szábó, artist, RO/HU
Csaba Szentesi, artist, HU
Tamás St. Auby, artist, HU
Aleą ©teger, poet, SL
Lidia Varbanova, researcher, art manager, consultant, NL, BL, CAN

Barnabás Bencsik, curator, HU
Dessy Gavrilova, curator, director of the Red House Sofia, BL
Zsófia Lóránd, research fellow, HU

Programme of the live Encounter:
Monday, February 19, 2007

Dr. Bernd Scherer, director House of World Cultures, GER
Eva Stein, editor Internet projects, House of World Cultures, GER
Petra Stegmann, art historian and curator, GER

Moderation: Barnabás Bencsik
Miran Mohar (IRWIN): „East Art Map“
Yilmaz Dziewior: „Liminal Spaces“ (working title)

17.00 Break

Moderation: Zsófia Lóránd
László Márton, lecture
Aleą ©teger, poetry reading
Eugenijus Aliąanka: poetry reading

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Moderation: Barnabás Bencsik
Lidia Varbanova: European Cultural Cooperation online: Between the 
Demand and Supply factors
Tamás St. Auby, presentation of “NEWNEEFLUGREEZ”
Gergely László, Katarina Sevic: “Home Museum”
Csaba Szentesi, “Dutch-german imported clothes by weight”
Petér Szábó, “Solarom”

12.30 Lunch break

Moderation: Dessy Gavrilova
Łukasz Skąpski (Azorro): “Pyxis systematis domestici quod video dicitur”
Gergely László, Péter Rákosi: “Group photographs of the Roma population 
in Lak, Hungary”

Tanja Ostojic: work presentation
Maja and Reuben Fowkes: “Art in the Age of Global Warming”
Szabolcs KissPál: “Rever” installations, video performances “Grey” and 

Final Discussion

Schedule of all Encounters

1. on-line in February 2007
'The Black Sea: The Cultural Implications of the accession of Turkey, 
Bulgaria and Romania to the EU' (moderated by Intercult) took place in 
Constanta in September 2006.
2. on-line in February 2007
'Intercultural Dialogue' (moderated by Visiting Arts)
3. on-line in February, event in Budapest 19-21 February 2007
'Cultural versus National Borders' (moderated by House of World Cultures)
4. on-line in March 2007
'Culture and Development' (moderated by DCCD in collaboration with The 
Power of Culture)
5. online April 2007, event in Odessa 27th April,
'Art and Science' (moderated by Intercult and Architecture + Dialog, The 
Academy of Fine Arts, Gdansk)
6. on-line in April
'The Political Potential of Art' (moderated by BSCC)
7. on-line in May 2007
'Europe and the Middle East' (moderated by DCCD)
8. on-line in May, event in Warsaw 11-13 May 2007
'New Europe for a Newer Europe' (moderated by BSCC)
9. Final meeting in Gdansk in 4-6 July 2007, on-line in July

Project Partners and funders
The Encounters will be curated by existing culturebase.net partners: 
Baltic Sea Culture Centre (Gdansk), Intercult (Stockholm), Danish Centre 
for Culture and Development (Copenhagen), Haus der Kulturen der Welt 
(Berlin) and Visiting Arts (London) together with Associate Partners The 
Power of Culture (Amsterdam), Architecture + Dialog (Gdansk), and The 
Academy of Fine Arts (Gdansk).

In cooperation with the Collegium Budapest, Hungarian Lettre 
Internationale and signandsight.com
Kindly supported by Goethe Institut Budapest and The Museum of 
Literature Petőfi
The project Europe Now | Europe Next is supported by the European Union 
through the Culture 2000 fund.

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