[artinfo] Call for Submissions: Visions in the Nunnery

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visions in the nunnery - submission terms and conditions

visions in the nunnery is a showcasing opportunity for new and established
artists who are pushing the elements of film, video and moving image
practice. It is also an opportunity for audiences to engage with
contemporary moving image work.

what we're looking for:
New and compelling work; originally the work can have been created in any
format (that is moving image, film or video based). The work selected will
be either projected or be monitor based. We are also interested in
performance works that relate to the moving image. Please submit no more
than three works on DVD or DV tape, Pal format, a separate application form
for each work and an up to date CV.

Deadline for application 16th March 2007 (by post only no hand delivery
If you do not hear from us by 10th April 2007, your application will have
been unsuccessful.

Special requirements
If your work has its own special rig (for example 3 wall based monitors) you
will be expected to supply all equipment and set up your work on the 17th

Please note that we have no extra equipment or technical support for
performance based work.

.Be artists' film, video / moving image (and could be performance
.Be of a contemporary nature and approach
.Be of good quality- interesting, compelling, and art form committed
.Be no more than two years old
.Be in DVD format or DV tape when submitted

showing of work:
Work, if selected by the selection panel, will be shown at visions in the
nunnery on May 18th, 19th and 20th 2007. If your work is selected, you will
be encouraged to attend the event, as discussion about the work is an
integral part of it. A critical debate/discussion will take place on Sunday
20th May.

visions in the nunnery aims to develop opportunities for artists working in
film, video and moving image, to show and critically discuss work; and
create opportunities for audiences to gain greater understanding and
enjoyment of contemporary art work.

visions in the nunnery may use submitted and accepted work as part of its
publicity to increase visions in the nunnery's and the artist's profile for
the event / future events. Please let us know if this is a concern; work
will not be used unduly.

return of work:
If you want your work to be returned to you, you must include with your
submission a stamped addressed envelope suitable for the return of your work
with the appropriate value of stamps on - Absolutely no returns will be made
without this.


Application form for visions in the nunnery.

Name of applicant:


Contact number:

Contact email:

Website address:


Running time:

A brief description of the work.  No more than 100 words:

Please underline how the work should be shown:


Monitor based work

(If performance use extra sheet to give extra information, include 
audience arrangement, what technical rig you will be setting up etc.)

Please send application to:

Visions in the nunnery
The Nunnery Gallery, The Bow Arts Trust, 183 Bow Road, London E3 5SJ, UK

Deadline 16 March 2007 

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