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Open Call

Christiania Researcher in Residence (CRIR) offers residency for
artists and academic researchers with a specific interest in
Christiania as an important field of study.

The aim of the Christiania Researcher in Residence project is to
involve artists, researchers and academics in an open, critical and
reflective dialog around the free town Christiania in Copenhagen, and
to feed new creative and critical thinking into the public realm.
Christiania's insight and experience into local organization,
alternative architecture, lifestyle, culture, sustainable
environments, quality of life, democracy and innovation is unique in
the world and could generate important knowledge that may inspire new
urban thinking. Researchers are invited to live in Christiania for
short periods, depending on the nature and needs of their proposed
projects. They are asked to consider their project's expected
visibility and how it may contribute to public debate  whether in the
form of an academic text, a public lecture, an event, an artwork, a
conference or an exhibition. Applicants will also be asked to consider
how their project can be communicated internally in Christiania.
Residents will have access to
support and guidance as well as a historical archive from a network of
Christiania residents. Various venues and public spaces may be
available for events, exhibitions and public presentations.

The CRIR apartment
The CRIR apartment until may 1st is about 25 square meters at ground
level, and has a little courtyard in the front, there is Internet and
communal facilities. From May onwards it will move to a new location
within Christiania. The CRIR house is financed by the Free Town
Christiania. CRIR does currently not provide research grants, so
researchers are expected to finance their own stay in Christiania.

How to apply
To apply you need to write a short application describing your
project. You need to:
-Describe your project.
-Explain your project's expected audience and method of distribution
in Denmark or abroad.
-Indicate your preferred period of stay.
-Consider how your project may be communicated internally in Christiania.

Your application will be evaluated by the steering group and we will
get in touch with you as soon as possible.
Send your application to: emmerikw at tiscali.dk
Deadline by 20th of February 2007
For more info go to: http://www.crir.net

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