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Subject: [artinfo] Art Prisoners' Hungerstrike Statement of 20. dec
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From: Holly <bastard-art-gallery at skynet.be>
Date: Dec 20, 2007 9:05 PM
Subject: Art Prisoners' Hungerstrike Statement of 20. dec 2007


>From 20. december 2007 until 24. january 2008

Our Revendication of 29 november 2007 was unsuccessful. The Pledges
made by the (h)Art Chief Editor to lift our Isolation and stand for
the Rights of the Art Prisoners were Dirt. We find ourselves therefore
in Hungerstrike.
We require:
Equality of Art Prisoners with all other Prisoners!
Free Information for all Art Prisoners, including extra Media!
No more, no less.
Now. With the filthy Mediashow: "Quiet Blood: Time will work for us"
let us not be duped.
"Eat Shit or die!" Is the Law of the Art System. fater this Art
Profit is made, every Child, every Woman, every Man threatened,
intimidated, paralyzed, made to Sow; runs each Alternative in the Art
System out to Rascality: either to the terms of the Kapital-Malochen
that eat People and spit out Profit - the Office eats People and spits
out Reign - the School eats People and spits out the Commodity
Laborpower - the University eats People and spits out Programmers -
the Art Institution eats Artists and spits out Imperialistic Theory -
or starving , shriveling up, "Self"Murder.
When you don't eat this Alternative, not internalize it, still after
10 or 15 or 20 Years not adapt to the Socialization of cultural
imperialist Recovery Process and still smalltalk in your Head, snout
in the Protest, resist in the Muscles - not stand the hellish Work
Pace - run amok - become ill - instead of the Director beat your
Children and your Wife - rather become a Robber and Killer yourself,
as to suffocate by the Law of Robbers and Murderers - (honestly,
Folks! the Cultural Industry makes 100 Million net Profit per Year!) -
Artist Power, or even Ideas for developed Counter-revolutionary
Violence - organized and policy-making: the Will is criminalized or is
just denounced crazy.
The Snap since Uropas times, since the beginnings of Civil Society:
Workhouses, Poor Institutions, Cultural Centers, Prisons, Museums,
Education Schools and Homes, Art Schools, Galleries, Judges, Curators,
Cops, Doctors, Art Historians, Psychiatrists, Critics, Priests, Art
If the Conditions of a covert War - Bourgeoisie against People -
doesn't obtrude as a natural Fact, as of the must - from the Garbage
Dumps in the open coercion, the Art Institutions as Prison Camps of
the Art System. And there again the Disaster: he is still
resocializable, read: dissected Backbone of the Capital recovery
Process nor the non-customizable, which is finished. In between the
Alibi Prisoner Artists of the System: the Economy and some criminally
convicted Artistic Managers.
The stronger the Revolt in the Revolutionary Antiimperialist Artist
Camp, the Morale of the System, the Ownership Concept in the Ass, and
the current Crisis, the Artists' Armament no longer mere Pie in the
Sky, but physical Presence, the more important the Art Prison for the
System, which increasingly relies on rationality was, and is, a Part
of the Proletariat open to terrorize, destroy - the extreme:
Guggenheimat, Whipme Museum, Immer Wieder Ficken Collection - to the
Resistance of the vast Majority of the Revolutionary Antiimperialist
Artists against the exploitation of Prison Break - and Art
Extermination Camps as penultimate and last Measure against any Kind
of Resistance as usual skilfully, organized, always aware.
The Artpigs have the Art Prisons firmly in hand. The more Art Reform,
the more dense the Art Prison System becomes. They have all the Means:
Curator Violence, Artist Isolation and Neglect, Art Relocation, Art
Critic Bribery, Collectible Privileges, the half-open Network Art,
Museum Spies, Historic Torture, Gallery Grace - and the closed
Apparatus: Art Theory / Art Critics / Art History / Art Psychiatry and
the Art Media (newspapers, television, radio): for more efficiency:
Art Closets; - against Enforcement Margins: Murder / "Self"Murder -
for less ugly Compulsion: Beatings / Apple and Pear rationing /
Ravishment / Calming Show; for more serene Brainwashing: Art
Psychiatry / Art Therapy Bulls / Free CocaĂŻne; for more slippery,
rolling, structural Violence: take the Art Prisoners the last
remaining Ground beneath their Feet away (the reprimand for payment in
Art. 7, § 1bis, 7°) - instead of the ugly Cries of beaten Ones. The
Humanism of the Artpig in one Word: Art Hygiene.
The reform Program of the Imperialist Art Technocrats in one
sentence: Suffocation of the Antiimperialist Revolutionary Artists
through Differentiation of the Measures.
The Art Prisoner, that understands his History and then acts as such,
and thereafter will be treated as such - who knows his Place of
Inhumanity as the Inhumanity of the Art System - Hatred and
Indignation - felt in the War against all of them is against the Pigs,
the executive Masks, Art Ideologists, the Shooters and Sharpshooters,
the Art Fascists that act in Solidarity and impose Solidarity: he will
be isolated, means artistically exterminated.
In Comparison, the entire Art Establishment shits ever since on
Artists Rights and the basic Common Law because it is not
manipulatable, without a shot in the Back of the Head not
Rehabilitation means Manipulation plus Taming. It forces into
Selection, between Walls, Pigs, Regulations, Promises, Threats, Fears,
Hopes, Withdrawal to move so long until they have internalized and
normalized the Rascality and is not unlike anything else except to
move oneself behind Bars.
That is the Taming.
The Cooperation of the Art Prisoners is of course desirable, is Part
of it - it shortens the Process and makes it irreversible. Because at
some point the Art Prisoner totally loses it and he should also:
That is the Manipulation.
The more liberal the Rascality is handled - unobtrusive - nice sneaky
- slippery - common brief: the more psychological - the more
effective, lower the Destruction of the Personality of the Art
The mortal Enemy of the Psychopigs is the Revolutionary
Antiimperialist Prisoner because the Psychopig relies on the fact that
the Prisoners cannot see through - through the Art Critic and
Publisher Mask behind which sits the Sausage, the Piglets, the
Criminals - and the Revolutionary Antiimperialist Prisoner looks
The Point in modern Enforcement means Politicization or
Psychologization of the Art Institute - Our Isolation now and the Art
Concentration Camp shortly - whether under the Direction of green or
white Terrortroups - comes out at: Extermination Camp - Artschwitz
Reform - Art Ghraib Reform - Reformuhka - the "Final Solution".
how it looks.
We demand free Information for all Revolutionary Antiimperialist
Prisoners, because that is the condition for contemporary Art
Consciousness. We now require nothing of what else in the Art Prison
is currently active - tariff Pay, Education, Protection of Entourage,
Self-management, etc. - because for Prisoners without
Self-organization this is Reformklimbim, integrated in Art Reform
Promises, the rallying, historizing Air out would be integrated in the
Dictatorship of the executive Artpigs, while "Kunst durch Freude"
comes out. What we need is the Solidarity of the Artists - not only as
an Idea, but as Reality.
Our Hungerstrike is nothing but our only Chance to Solidarity and
Revolutionary Resistance towards the Isolation. Without the Power, the
Violence of the Street, without the Mobilization of the
antiimperialist Citizens, for Human Artist Rights and against Art
Torture, on whose Loyalty the Artpigs are still dependent, our
Hungerstrike is not a sign of our Powerlessness.
We are also applying with our Demands to you, Comrades.
For the Artpigs, it is only right when one of us goes down. We ask of
you that you support our Demands, persevere - now - while you still
can, before you are Prisoners yourselves.
And only talk of Art Torture, Comrades, instead of fighting it, can
no longer be our / your Interest - it would only help the Function of
Rascality on firmer feet.
The actions in October - Explosion in Groot-Bijgaarden, shooting of
Florent Bex and catapulting mud on a few Artpigs - Good. No Support at
the Power Metabolism Debate, nothing after the Beatings at the
MedienMuseum, no Follow Up from the Sozialistisch Pennenlickers
Kollektiv, no Demonstrations in Hasselt, Brussel, Gent, Mechelen,
Brugge, not even mentioning more militant Actions - Bad.
Confront the Artpigs with their own Laws - we rub them the Opposition
under the Nose between what they say: Artist Protection, and what they
do: Extermination.
Every minute is life or death - we or they - they for themselves or 
we for us.
On this Day Shipcaptain De Baere made clear that they cannot solve
the Opposition but to kill it: "The Art Prison Conditions are adapted
to the respective physical and psychological Situation of the Art
Prisoners!" - true. The Climate Range is automatically adjusted -
feeding, there's two times a Day - and with the Visitortactics on can
of course when the absolute Freezing Point has been reached, scatter
sand in the eyes. The Textballoon from the last Instance of the Art
Exploitationclique: Destruction.
That explains it all. The Program runs.

Put the Artpigs under Pressure from the outside. And we from the
inside. Revolutionary Antiimperialist Solidarity is the real issue of
All Power to the Revolutionary Antiimperialist Artists!
Unite all of the Art Lovers forces against the Art Prison System
Profit / Power / Violence
Friends / School / Factory / Office
Art Prison / Artschwitz / Art Ghraib / Art Asylumka
The Body is the ultimate Weapon of the Revolutionary Antiimperialist
Art Prisoner
48 Art Prisoners on Hungerstrike!

B.A.G. - Kommando Pierre François Lacenaire
for his 207th birthday 20. dec 1800


Bastard Art Gallery for the only inconvenient truth

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