[artinfo] Trans Rat Fashion Show

Kristofer Paetau kristoferpaetau at GMAIL.COM
Mon Dec 3 15:55:04 CET 2007

Discover the Photo Shoot of 5 Supermodels in Rio de Janeiro wearing brand-new fake Chanel 
fashion accessories made out of real taxidermised rats: a rat-bra, a rat-slip, a rat-handbag, a rat-
handkerchief and a pair of high heel rat-shoes.

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You can see the real stuff in the group exhibition "Status Questionis" at Annie Gentils Gallery in 
Antwerp, Belgium from 07 december - 19 january 2008, opening on thursday 06 december from 6 
pm to 9 pm:


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Best wishes, Kristofer Paetau





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