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Joseph Gray josephgray at grauwald.com
Sun Aug 12 16:44:18 CEST 2007


UNESCO's Arabia Plan is intended to increase the knowledge of Arab culture
in the world and to encourage greater mutual understanding between Arab
culture and the other cultures, by promoting dialogue and exchanges. It
also seeks to promote intercultural dialogue, 
cultural diversity and development.
© Unesco/H. Massoudy & S. Tanaka

The aims of the Plan are to :

     * highlight and promote dialogue between Arab civilization and culture
and the world's other civilizations and cultures with particular
emphasis on respect for the cultural diversity of the peoples;
     * to publicize the contribution of Arab culture to universal civilization;
     * help Arab culture to master and develop the new information,
communication and computer technologies in the service of modern culture;
     * contribute to the development of present-day Arab culture by
encouraging the creation and flowering of different intellectual,
literary, scientific and artistic currents and the free exchange of knowledge.

It is implemented by the UNESCO Secretariat in cooperation with the UNESCO
Arab Group, the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific
Organization (ALECSO), the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural
Organization (ISESCO), and all other concerned organizations.

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