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maxigas maxigas at anargeek.net
Thu Aug 9 16:21:38 CEST 2007

We would like to invite you in August/September to Bratislava, Slovakia.

We are preparing two-week long workshop series (24.8.-7.9.2007),
theme for this year (as well as other years) is collaboration and
experimentation :)

The event is organised by people from Bratislava, Brno, Prague and
Budapest and there is a quite varied program. Most of the workshops
are 2-5 day long and will lead to final performance or other kind of public
output. Contentwise, neither spacelike the possibilities are not markedly
limited. Basically we are working with a post-industrial area
nearby holiday resort and lake Zlate piesky (Golden Sands) where two
maintained and one smaller unmaintained building are situated, given at
disposal by Tranzit initiative during the workshops. The largest building
consisting of four halls serves as a contemporary art gallery, another
two-story building houses a number of small artists' ateliers.

Idea of the project is meeting of students, graduates and teachers
from various schools and collectives, with no regard to whether they
work in art, technologies, social or other sciences. Diversity of
experience and background is expected to give way to dialogical,
interdisciplinary reflection and creativity.

Following workshops are proposed:
* 25-29.8. Collaborative Video Performance facilitated by Martin Blazicek
  (cz) and Steven Ball (uk)
* 27-29.8. Collaborative Sound Performance and Composition Techniques by
  Slavo Krekovic (sk) and Miroslav Toth (sk)
* 27-29.8. Engaged Engineering: The Politics and Aesthetics of Community
  Wireless Networks by Maxigas (hu)
* 27.8-5.9. A Little Introduction to Garbology - Lenka Dolanova (cz)
  a Michal Kindernay (cz)
* 28.8-1.9. Karass Suite by Menschen Haben Krizen (int)
* 29.8-7.9. How Stuff Is Made with open faciliation
* 30.8-2.9. Pure Data by Peter Gonda (sk)
* 31.8. Manifesto Jukebox by Info at police collective (sk/at)
* 1-2.9. Performance Podcast by Pavel Sterec (cz), Jan Rous (cz)
  and Stanislav Abrham (cz)
* 1-2.9. Radio-bicycles by Stanislav Abrham (cz), Ladislav Zelezny (cz),
  Jan Dufek (cz) and Milos Vojtechovsky (cz)
* 1.9. Activist Magazine for Bratislava by AFA (de)
* 4-6.9. Lloopp by Klaus Filip (at) and Noid (at)
* 4-6.9. Playful - Feedback Projection Workshop by Magdalena Hruba (cz)
  and Filip Cenek (cz)
* Visual Culture Inforoutes in Slovakia by Maria Riskova (sk) and
  Barbora Sediva (cz/sk)
* and more to come: Citizen Activism; Homemade Recyclation; Publishing
socio-cultural and feminist critique; Open geodata; and others.

You are welcome to subscribe to one or more workshops via simple
online form. Program is open for new proposals. Participation in
all events is free. For information about accommodation and board,
please, see the website: http://www.13m3.sk/dielne

Summer Open Academy 2007 is organised by 13 kubikov association
in collaboration with the partners of the project Mlok, ScArt,
Nextlab and okno. The project is realised in collaboration with
tranzit.sk, A4 - Zero Space, Info at police, Atrakt Art, and supported
by International Visegrad Fund, tranzit.sk, Vnet, okno and others.

Further information: dusan(at)13m3.sk

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