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Call for artists to work on joint
research projects in 9 companies and
investigation centres in Spain.

Deadline for applications: 3 October 2007, 9 am.
Collaboration period: from November 2007 to July 2008 (9 months)
To consult the rules and to apply on-line, go to: http:// 

DISONANCIAS is pleased to announce the call for proposals from  
international artists to work on joint research projects with heads  
of R&D&I in companies and research centres located in the Basque  
Country (Spain).

DISONANCIAS is a platform that promotes relationships between artists  
and companies, research centres or public organisations in order to  
foster innovation in all its aspects and transmit to society the  
importance of developing creative environments.

Artists are requested to develop a prototype, procedure or idea based  
on a framework predefined by one of the nine participating entities:  
LANTEGI BATUAK, POLO GARAIA and TECNALIA. The concepts they want to  
investigate can be grouped in two main fields:

- concepts dealing with the organisation of territory and ways of  
interrelating people and resources: sustainable urban environment  
models (TECNALIA), ways of relating between disabled people  
integrated into the job market and their social network (LANTEGI  
BATUAK) or the interrelationship dynamics between the members of an  
technological park (POLO GARAIA);

- technological or material application/developments: most of the  
researches in this section deal with architecture and urban issues:  
domotics (DORLET), interactive urban furniture (IMAR), environmental  
architecture (GRUPO SARKIS / LAGUNKETA), transformable architecture  
(LANIK), or health emergency in public spaces (FUNDACIÓN IKERTIA).

In the special case of EiTB (Basque Radio and Television), the artist 
(s) is requested to research into the documentary format based on the  
creation of an audiovisual work dealing with all the collaboration  

The submitted proposals will be examined by an international jury  
comprising Cecilia Andersson, Bronac Ferran, Jose Pérez de Lama and  
Juan Mari Uzkudun. The final decision will be taken by the hosting  
entities and will be communicated at the end of October 2007.

DISONANCIAS gives priority to the involvement of artists:
- interested in working around the interaction between different  
social and cultural systems and projects that favour group work;
- who use science or technology as a basis for their work, or who  
reflect upon it.

The call is open to artists working with any type of medium and in  
any discipline, either individually or as a group. There is no limit  
on age, nationality or place of residence.

The selected artists or group of artists will each receive the amount  
of 8,000 net euros as a fee for the work carried out and for their  
travel and accommodation costs. The costs that may be generated in  
the development of the research work and associated with external  
companies and suppliers should not exceed 5,000 euros + VAT, and they  
should be previously approved by the hosting entity.

Full information on the participating companies and research centres,  
on the concepts they want to investigate, and on the rules for  
participation is available at http://www.disonancias.com.

DISONANCIAS is sponsored by the SPRI / the Basque Government  
(Industry, Trade and Tourism Department) and promoted by Grupo  
Xabide. DISONANCIAS is member of http://www.artsactive.net.

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