[artinfo] Call for proposals: F SPACE : Perform gender (Paris)

Mélanie Perrier melanie_perrier at yahoo.fr
Fri Apr 13 15:19:30 CEST 2007

////////////////   F space : Perform  gender
During the 19th Paris International Lesbian & Feminist
Film, the Trianon (a mythical theater in Paris),
becomes for four days a unique and global event around
International lesbian and feminist culture. 
Each year, the festival propose more than sixty
original films coming from all over the world, and
giving a peculiar and innovative look on feminine
homosexuality and the topicality of women condition
Alongside the films,  the Trianon regroup, through
three floors, some chat forum, a space dedicated to
the associations, a lounge, a snack bar, and two art
exhibitions. One of this exhibit is the F_SPACE
This year, F SPACE is heading for an open and critical
field refering the issues of gender. The F SPACE
project  will bring together women works that will
prospect the different apprehension modalities about
gender and « perform gender ».

 A large scale of expression's forms is supposed  to
be accepted: video art, multimedia installations,
sound installations, performances, long distance
interactive devices.  A special focus will be made on
works and devices  which will develop an special
relationship  with time of exhibition (in progress)
and space of Trianon.
Without neither predetermined space nor particular
subject, the project for F_SPACE will have to colonize
the nook and crannies of the place, in it’s most
unusual parts, an thus to get the productions out of
the prescriptivism of traditional art exhibitions.
Each artistic project will have to conceive the place,
and it’s distinctiveness, as an integral part of it’s
plastic expression, and change it to a living space.
given the historical nature of the building, no nail,
screw or the likes (likely to deteriorate) can be
used. Each project will provide it’s own show
structure. The exhibition, thus conceived, will have
the will to disrupt our look and rapport to the
artworks, making them a part of the meetings,
thepassers-by, the wait. Confronted to the diversity
of the festival and it’s limited space, the F Space
concept will have to limit the number of project and
especially of International Women Artist.

A large media exposure will take place for the F Space
exhibition (national, international, and specialized)

Curators : Mélanie Perrier & Edith Foissy
Place : Trianon theatre Paris
Date : October 2007 from the  31th to the November 4th

The submissions forms can be find on website:
Submission DEADLINE : June 5, 2007 
You can send your proposals to the following address: 
Exhibition, F SPACE
Mélanie Perrier
9,rue de capri
75012 Paris
For more information, www.cineffable.fr
<http://www.cineffable.fr>  ( exhibition page)
Or contact Commission Exposition, F SPACE :
contact at cineffable.fr

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