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Marisa Yiu marisa at mksyiu.com
Mon Sep 25 12:59:29 CEST 2006

Work - buildings and images of work in the postfordist city
HDA (House of Architecture) Graz / steirischer herbst 2006

"Work" presents works of art and architecture 
marked by affective labor and effective 
recreation, new ways to work, as well as concepts 
of urban space under flexible work conditions in 

Curated by: Markus Bogensberger (A) and Gabu Heindl (A)

With: Architektur Consult (A), Gordana Brandner 
(A), Rhona Byrne (IRL), fiedler.tornquist / 
complizen Planungsbüro, Halle (A/D), Alex Haw 
(GB), International Festival (S), MALMOE (A), 
Maix Mayer (D), monochrom (A), Monochrome 
Architects (SLO), Markus Pernthaler (A), OLK/Rüf 
(A), Radio Helsinki (A), Marc Ries (A), Andreas 
Rumpfhuber (A,DK), Carolin Schmitz (D), Eric 
Schuldenfrei (USA), Oliver Schürer (A), 
SPLITTERWERK (A), Students of the Faculty of 
Architecture TU Graz, Katharina Tielsch (A), 
Bettina Vismann (D), Marisa Yiu (USA, CN)

Exhibition opening (steirischer herbst): Sat, 
23.09.06, 17:15  with media theorist Marc Ries
ArtistsZ talk with all artists and architects involved: Fri, 22.09.06, 19:30
CuratorsZ guided tours: Sat, 30.09.06, 17:00, Sat, 14.10.06, 17:00

Exhibition: 23.09.06- 17.11.06, Monday to Friday 10:00-18:00
HDA, Engelgasse 3-5, 8010 Graz, Austria


Pursuing work

  Walk in Progress with Oliver Schürer, Rhona Byrne u.a.
  Concept: Markus Bogensberger and Gabu Heindl

  Factory, depot, working-class estate: powerful 
images of work from days of yore. But what are 
the architectures for networked, immaterial or 
affective labor like? 'Atypical employment', 
'outsourcing' and 'franchising', teleworking, 
labour migration - these are the buzzwords for a 
changed world of work, directly impacting life 
concepts, daily routines and urban modes of use. 
At the same time, the city itself is changing, 
too, with inner cities, for example, becoming 
tourist service zones and industrial regions 
becoming Creative Cities. Urban discourse defines 
new types of city names: Network City, Knowledge 
City, Serve City, Surf City, etc. -  where do we 
find such fragments within a Central European 
medium-size city like Graz?

  Sat, 07.10.06, 14:00
  Meeting point: Palais Thienfeld, Mariahilferstr. 2, 8020 Graz, Austria
  In co-operation with steirischer herbst 2006

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