[artinfo] P2P Art - The aesthetics of ephemerality

Anders/Recycled anders.weberg at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 12:11:04 CEST 2006

"P2P Art - The aesthetics of ephemerality."

Art made for - and only available on - the peer to peer networks.
The original artwork is first shared by the 
artist until one other user has downloaded it.
After that the artwork will be available for as long as other users share it.

The original file and all the material used to 
create it are deleted by the artist.

"There's no original"




Release: 2006/09/15
Runtime: 73 min
Genre: experimental film
Size: 699MB
Video and sound: Anders Weberg
Filename: Filter[2006]by.Anders.Weberg.P2P-ART.com.XviD.avi

The film and all the files used creating it was 
deleted by the artist 2006/09/15

feel free to download the film and distribute it 
anyway you like as long as it stays on the peer 
to peer networks.

P2P Art is a project from Swedish media artist and filmmaker Anders Weberg.

Anders Weberg - Mixed Media Artist and Filmmaker
Recycled Image Studio
Laxgatan 1 - S-262 32 Ängelholm - Sweden
tel studio + 46 431 120 40 cel + 46 736 57 58 69
anders at recycled.se

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