[artinfo] Re: Zurich presents Dada East, The Romanians of CabaretVoltaire

Gordana Novakovic gordana.novakovic at btopenworld.com
Sun Sep 24 19:30:42 CEST 2006

>However, the [Dada] developments in Eastern Europe have
>gained only very little attention.

seems no mention of Zenitism, recognised as the only - shall I say 
genuinely non-Western Dada movement? - however with regular 
contributions for their magazine by the leading Dada figures, and 
closely linked to the international Dada circles:

"....1921 The avant-garde "Zenitism" movement is founded by Ljubomir 
Micic (1895-1971). Western European culture is spiritually bankrupt, 
according to Micic, but Zenitism, the embodiment of the Balkan 
"barbaro-genius," will revitalize it. The group's manifesto is 
published in its magazine Zenit (Zenith), which, despite Micic's 
insistence on the superiority of "Balkanization," routinely 
reproduces work by Cubists, Futurists, Dadaists, and 
(Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY)

(The University of Iowa libraries)


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