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Call for projects open until November the 15th, 2006.


IDENSITAT 07 starts its fourth edition calling 
for projects. It is addressed to artists who 
offer proposals in the field of public space, 
from a multidisciplinary perspective and having 
the will of interacting in the social space of 
the territory where the project is promoted.

IDENSITAT is a programme developed biannually 
with the aim of offering mechanisms for the 
structuring of creative projects in the field of 
public space and that are related to the territory.

Since 1999 a series of projects and activities 
have  been done in the town of Calaf, and 
progressively other relations have been 
established with more towns, with the aim of 
allowing the development of projects that can be 
adapted to the own and multiple specificities 
arising out from the singularity of a place. 
IDENSITAT 07, just like in the previous edition, 
takes place in two towns of the Barcelona 
province, Calaf and Manresa, and moreover expands 
the territorial network with the development of a 
project in the town of Mataró, supported by Can Xalant.


IDENSITAT 07 is conceived as an observatory of 
the territory and a laboratory for the 
development of projects, offering the opportunity 
to intervene in an active way in the urban 
processes, precisely when there is a phenomenon 
of expansion and growth, as well as a redefining 
of the identities that characterise them. The aim 
is to favour a field of action, experimentation 
and debate, which started in the previous edition 
of the programme (IDENSITAT 05).

Considering the moment of intense urban evolution 
going on now in Calaf, Manresa and Mataró, the 
participants must articulate certain artistic 
activities which include critical, analytic and 
propositional regards that can involve certain 
groups of population; or that permit formulating 
alternative proposals at the same time, so that 
it is possible to perceive, face and participate 
in the urban processes taking place in a specific moment.


The call IDENSITAT 07 is structured around two 
categories of presentation, having each different 
goals and characteristics. One points to the 
production of projects and the other one for 
already implemented proposals (documentary 
projects). HOME / AWAY is the motto chosen for a 
possible project development based on the tension 
between the two concepts: the belonging to a 
territory, the identity issues, the long-term 
cultural structuring, etc; being opposed or 
related to the superficial, distant, curious and 
less engaged regard, the tourist experience, or 
others which could be stated thanks to the projects emerging in this call.

PRODUCTION OF PROJECTS linked to a place and 
activated through procedural strategies and 
strategies of cooperation with social groups; or 
with projects intervening specifically or 
incisively in the public space of these different 
towns, existing the possibility of using the 
infrastructure and means already available in the territory.

PROJECTS OF DOCUMENTATION. This category gathers 
those works developed in other contexts, thus 
promoting their diffusion and linking them to 
different activities of debate, exposition and edition organised by IDENSITAT.

SELECTION COMMITTEE. The selection committee of 
this call will be constituted by Santiago 
Cirugeda, architect and artist; Amanda Cuesta, 
independent curator; Alicia Murria, art critic 
and director of the magazine ARTECONTEXTO; Ramon 
Parramon, director of IDENSITAT; Lorenzo Romito, 
architect and member of STALKER.

ECONOMIC ENDOWMENT. The economic endowment 
destined to each selected project in the section 
PRODUCTION OF PROJECTS will be determined by its 
budget, having available a maximum amount of 
11,000 ¤. In reference to the DOCUMENTATION 
PROJECTS, the economic endowment might depend on 
the presentation format of the project; having available a maximum of 1,500 ¤.

The deadline for this call of projects is November the 15th, 2006.

More detailed information about the call Idensitat 07:

To contact the organisation, please write to idensitat at .idensitat.org

Organisation: Calaf Town Council, Manresa Town 
Council, Generalitat de Catalunya, Diputació de 
Barcelona and Can Xalant (Mataró).

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