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Fri Sep 8 02:43:41 CEST 2006

The programme for ‘Islands and Bridges – Roadmaps for Intercultural Dialogue’ is now complete and fully updated online.
  The conference will be opened on Thursday by controversial Russian artists group AES + F – who have gained interest and notoriety through their Islamic project.
  An opening trialogue between Jette Sandhal, Gus Casely-Hayford and Dragan Klaic:  Three perspectives on interculturalism, will kick off two days of opinion-forming and intensive discussion and debate among a Europe-wide group of cultural operators, policy makers, and stake holders in Europe’s cultural identity. 
  A series of workshops on transversal issues lead by leading commentators in the field including among others:  Arne Ruth – examining culture and human rights; Jude Bloomfield – dissecting the role of the city and Kathinka Dittrich - developing the theme of culture and EU foreign policy.
  Participate in an experimental critical case-study forum unpicking best-practice in both artistic and governmental intercultural projects.  Contribute to a series of action interviews – designed to find out how we are promoting cultural diversity and Intercultural Dialogue in our own artistic and political engagement.
  The conference will close with a plenary debate between Robert Palmer from the Council of Europe and Odile Quintin, Director-General of DG Education and Culture at the European Commission – two key institutions with concrete programmes for Intercultural Dialogue in the coming years.  
  Video installations from Iraqi born artist Adel Abidin (in residence at the Cable Factory) and material from Thierry Geoffrey a.k.a. Colonel as well as a dynamic opening to the conference will make this a unique experience for participants.
  In partnership with Comedia, participants to the conference will receive a copy of the recently published reader on Intercultural Dialogue, have the opportunity to visit the Suomelinna fortress and Sauna, and be able to relax together after the conference at the Korjaamo culture factory.
  The EFAH conference is a unique event at which cultural actors and activists concerned with developments in European policies come together, and make their voice heard.
  Join us in Helsinki!  Register at www.islandsandbridges.com
    Warm regards
  Raj Isar - President - Ilona KISH - Secretary-General

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