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Mon Sep 11 10:53:01 CEST 2006

Center for Contemporary Art – Plovdiv (Ancient Bath), Bulgaria
12 September – 10 October 2006

Exhibition „Common borders“ is realized in the frames of international annual project Week of contemporary art, that has been implemented since 1995 and is one of the most important events, organized by Art Today Association. It shows projects, dealing with topical theme, presenting artists who work in the sphere of contemporary art.
The forthcoming 12th edition of the Week aims at presenting artworks of contemporary art from 2 Balkan countries (Bulgaria and Romania) in a moment when they strive to overcome many inner and outer borders, accomplishing a common pursuit - becoming members of EU.
The partner organization from Romanian side is Vector Association in Iasi, that as Art Today Association is realizing its activity in the premises of an old Turkish bath. This circumstance becomes reason for analogies. The space between the two baths is geography and architecture. It defines the trajectories of the personal and international relations, where the link is the water border, the channel, the river, the pure water and drainage. This water that connects and separates each other. The wide water, which brings Europe, though against the stream, will bring us to it. The starting point of the bath architecture is the entrance hall, place for coming in and out, for welcoming and seeing off. Who is guest and who is host in the forthcoming adhesion is a question of identification, uncover, examining and clearing.

Nedko Solakov (BG), Pravdolyub Ivanov (BG), Valentin Stefanoff (BG), Nina Kovacheva (BG), Plamen Solomonski (BG), Roumen Zhekov (BG), Yohannes Artinian (BG), Nadia Genova (BG), Emil Mirazchiev (BG), Sevdalina Kochevska (BG), Javor Gardev (BG), Ivo Dimchev and Theatre @lma @lter (BG), Lavinia German (RO), Costel Chirilа (RO), Liliana Basarab (RO), Alex Grigoraş (RO), Bogdan Vatavu (RO), Nita Mocanu (RO), Matei Bejenaru (RO)

12 September 2006, 18.30. - OPENING, Center for contemporary art – Plovdiv, Ancient Bath
13 September 2006, 18.30 – PRESENTATION “Periferic – a biennial on the edge”, Matei Bejenaru, Vector Association, Iasi, Romania, 
29 September 2006, 23.00 - “NIGHT OF THE MUSEUMS AND GALLERIES” - party/ multimedia live, Center for contemporary art – Plovdiv, Ancient Bath 
6 October 2006, 18.00 - “PERFORATORIUM” physical theatre. Idea and choreography by Ivo Dimchev, with Theatre Laboratory @lma @lter, Center for contemporary art – Plovdiv, Ancient Bath

The project is under the patronage of the Minister of European Affairs in Bulgaria - Meglena Kuneva

The event is realized with the support of:
Plovdiv Municipality, Swiss Cultural Program in Bulgaria, Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation, Trust for Civic Society Development in Central and Eastern Europe, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

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