[artinfo] Internet Governance Forum

Janos Sugar sj at c3.hu
Tue Oct 31 17:35:45 CET 2006

The IGF is a deliberative body - it 'thinks' about the governance 
question, intending to move thought to 'action' in its policy 
audience.  This puts a premium on disciplined and methodical analysis 
- which is the preserve of intellectuals and academics, when they hew 
to their core.  How best can IGF engage its intellectuals, to 
maximize the quality of IGF output over its five years?
For the first half, the workshop asks, 'What is the role of 
intellectuals?'  The second half of the workshop asks, 'How might 
that work?'  A two-panelist team 'provokes' discussion for each 
segment, with brief presentations.  The objective is discussion.

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