[artinfo] 18th Paris International Feminist & Lesbian Film Festival of Paris

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Cineffable is glad to present the 18th Paris
International Feminist & Lesbian Film Festival. It
will take place from October 27 to 30 2006 in Trianon
Theater in Paris.

The festival is an annual rendez-vous unique in
Europe, an empowering moment when we show images of
lesbians and feminist perspectives. This year there
are more than 78 films on competition coming from all
around the world dealing with issues like “ women in
middle east”; “focus on South Africa” and also

During the 18th Paris International Lesbian & Feminist
Film Festival (« Quand les lesbiennes se font du
cinéma »), Le Trianon, (a Paris theater) becomes for
four days a unique and global event around lesbian and
feminist culture presenting alongside the films some
exhibitions, debates, workshops, a restaurant, an
opening gala concert and a party.

This year, a new exhibit policy makes its debut
proposing two art exhibitions projects in different
places with two curators.

The F_SPACE exhibition is viewed as a component of the
event, and claim to be a place of infiltration with
project designed specifically for the Festival
location and spirit. The exhibition has the will to
show how much the question of gender is at the core of
the work of contemporary artist through an essentially
international selection.
(Special project and vidéos from Russia, Autria, USA,
Spain, Lebanon... )

on Partnership with N PARADOXA 

More informations about this 18th festival on the

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Press release / Cineffable


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