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Magmart | International Festival of VideoArt | 2nd edition

Is now starting, till February 2007, the 2nd edition of Magmart | video
under volcano, international festival of video art.
The festival is a production of studio tad, with partnership of Casoria
Contemporary Art Museum, GenomART and Computer Arts magazine (italian
The second edition of festival offer a remarkable news: further main
contest, this year there is a non-competitive section, Magmart | video under
18, oriented to kids from 12 to 17 years old, that schedule a minivideo
exhibition (max 3 minuts) realized by younger authors with mobile.
In the first issue of Computer Arts, subsequent festival's end, the authors
consider more interesting by editorial staff, will be interviewed, and their
videos reviewed.
The show, start in early days of October 2006, with publication of call to
participation, and culminate with final event, scheduled for February 10/11,
2007, at Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, on two days.
February 10, at Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, will be screened the
selected 30 videos, and other artists will do some performances.
February 11, the selected videos - that become part of Museum's permanent
collection - will be screened looping for Museum's visitors, together video
under 18's minivideos.
February 8, will take place a meeting, with envolvement of art's experts and
critics, on theme: "Videoart in digital age"; this meeting will be at
Sociology College of University Federico II of Naples.

Festival is open to all international video artists; no entry fee.
Festival is exclusively devoted to videoart, and there isn't any particular
Between all videos submitted, will be execute a final selection by a Jury.
The 30 selected videos will become part of Casoria Contemporary Art Museum's
permanent collection.
All submitted materials will be not rendered, and will be stored in
festival's archive like documentation.
Submitting entry form, artist agree to this rules.
The Jury's verdict is undisputable.
The artist agree to show his video(s) on-line on website www.magmart.it,
like in Museum's permanent collection (if selected by Jury), and in any
other event or place related to festival, on-line or off-line, with
exclusion of any commercial use.
All right on video are of author. The author declare, under his
responsability, to be the owner of any right on used material (images,
sounds, videos) and that are part of the artwork; the author thake charge of
any violation of copyright's laws.
Will be accepted only videos received whitin the deadline, December 31,
Technical features of artworks
* Video must be realized enterely with digital tech.
* Must be in .mpeg or .mov (PAL) format; any other format will be rejected.
* The video's time must be 15 minuts max. Must be accompanied by entry form
duly compiled.
* Must be accompanied by a video still/frame by video, in .jpg format, with
size 400px for 300px.
* The video must have quality features (resolution) to make possible the
public show, without any subsequent sending of high quality copy.
* In case the video is a shooting of a performance, this must be enterely
visible within the video's time.
How to send
Is possible to submit the artworks and other materials (video, entry form,
image) in two ways:
On-line: the entry form, enterely filled, must be send within December 31,
Inside the entry form, must be indicated an http or ftp URL from who
download the video (i.e.: http://www.mydomain.com/myvideo.mov) and the still
image (i.e.: http://www.mydomain.com/myimage.jpg); in case, should be use an
online service for large files transmission. The video and the image must be
really available at signaled URL within the deadline date.
Off-line: After send entry form, enterely filled, the image and the video
files must be sent by mail to the address that will be communicate via
e-mail after form submission.
The two files must be on one device (CD-Rom or DVD); the device must be
Mac/Win or Windows compatible. The mail stamp date attest.

For info: info at magmart.it
For submission: www.magmart.it

Enrico Tomaselli
festival staff
info at magmart.it
Skype: MetaArt

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