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kuldd szet, irj ala, kuldd vissza a cimzettnek,

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>From: somkiat tangnamo <<mailto:midnightuniv at gmail.com> 
>midnightuniv at gmail.com>
>Date: Sep 30, 2006 2:59 PM
>Subject: Closure - The Minightuniv web
>The Midnight University Website, the foremost free and critical 
>educational and
>public intellectual website in Thailand with over freely accessible 1,500
>scholarly articles, a lively webboard with ongoing thought-provoking debates,
>which receives well over 2.5 visits per month from viewers around the world,
>has already been shut down by the Thai Information & Communications Ministry
>last night, acting under the order of the self-styled military Council of
>Democratic Reform. This is not only a hugh loss to academic and intellectual
>freedom in Thai society, but also a closure of a free forum for the contention
>of ideas to find a peaceful alternative to violent conflict in Thailand.
>We are gathering signatures for a campaign to pressure for the 
>reversion of this
>unjustifiable violation of the Thai people's right to information and free
>expression by the Thai authorities. So, please consider adding your and your
>firiends' names to the end of this message and e-mail it back to me so that we
>could save what little is left of precious freedom and wisdom in Thai society
>in these dark and difficult times.
>Somkiat Tangnamo

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