[artinfo] English Art Language Course Winter 2006

David Wilkinson david.wilkinson at chello.hu
Thu Nov 2 18:35:48 CET 2006

English Art Language Course Winter 2006


The aim of the course is to improve your spoken English with a particular
emphasis on the discourse and developments in international contemporary art
practise over the last two decades. The structure of the lessons will be
that of a reading & discussion group, thus we will look at and discuss
various texts written by artists and theorists in the last twenty years.
Although the level of the texts may become progressively harder it is the
intention of the course to focus on individual students needs as much as
possible. Therefore if any student has a particular area that they would
like to look at we may be able incorporate this into the classes.
 Fees and Timetable:

>From experience I have learnt that it is nessacery to have a timetable that
does have an element of flexibility in it. It is my idea to have regular
classes on Monday or Tuesday evening 7-8.30pm. Application is open, but I
plan to have the classes running from the end of November so please write to
me asp at the email address below if you are be interested. The course fee
will be 3.500HUF per session.

What You Will Need:
Bring a good dictionary, oxford or Cambridge is best. Also a writing pad and
pen and if you can a good thesaurus.
 David Wilkinson is an artist and teacher based in Budapest and London. He
has exhibited widely and currently teaches on the TIPP contemporary art
programme, this is a postgraduate research imitative between Goldsmiths
College London and Budapest Fine art Academy.

Contact: David Wilkinson

Email: david.wilkinson at chello.hu

Mobile: 06 30 8557165

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