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Erik Hartmann harter77 at hotmail.com
Wed May 24 19:46:56 CEST 2006

''BPworkshop''(Budapestworkshop) is a series of 
an annually organized international workshop on 

Each workshop is differentiated from one another 
and focuses on different subjects. They structure 
however function according to the same concept. 
Any applicant is accepted (on a first come, with 
limited number of participants) who registrates 
on the internet and is able to participate in the 
English speaking work session.
The maximum number of participants is variable between 30-50.

more info at http://www.bpworkshop.hu

BPworkshop2006 - ROMAworkshop

18 June - 24 June 2006

analysing and planning the gipsy minority's living spaces

This year's BPworkshop will be organized as the 
first part of an international workshop series 
which will take place in five countries 
(Hungary-Budapest, Romania-Bucharest, 
Spain-Seville, France-Rouen, Italy-Rome).
We will be dealing with the situation of the Roma 
ethnical minority groups in these 5 countries.
We will be analyzing mainly the architectural 
aspects of the given city's Roma culture.
The theme of Budapest is about the life standards 
of the Roma minority groups living on the borders 
of the city centre.


organizers:	Erik Hartmann
	harter77 at hotmail.com
	36 30 364 68 30

	Tamás Szentirmai
	tamaas at index.hu
	36 20 364 37 70

financial manager:		FISE - Fiatal Iparm_vészek Stúdiója Egyesület
			(Society of Young Applied Artists' Studio)
			1054 Budapest Kálmán Imre u. 16.
			tel: 00 36 1 311 30 51
			e-mail: fise at citromail.hu
			account number: 11705008-20436113

partners:	 TRAFÓ - House of Contemporary Arts

international partners, tutors:	 Arch. Alexander Valentino - Rome

			Arch. Ana Méndez De Andés - Sevilla

			Stany Cambò - Rouen

			Arch. Irina B_ncescu - Bucharest

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