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is very glad to announce the addition of  a new contribution -->
videos from Argentina curated by Silvio de Gracia (Junin/Argentina).
Animas by Ricardo Pons (2004, 5:00)
The video is a testimonial allegory. A work that deepens in the recent past with an almost moving rhetoric subtlety.
Casa Blanca (White House) by  Leon Ferrari & Ricardo Pons (2004, 3:00)
A mock-up of the White House and an army of earthworms that invade it. An implacable allusion to the North American imperialism and its miseries in the vision of Leon Ferrari, one of the best-acknowledged and controversial Argentine artists.
Our Ticket Exploded by Gustavo Galuppo (2002, 5:00)
The video explore the recent past in Argentine. Pictures of repression and violence
Estacada (Left In the Lurch) by  Ar Detroy (2003, 9:40)
It is about the fact of abandoning someone who is defeated or hurt. A man and a woman appear being tied to a stake, alone, left to their fate, but then they interweave each other and they rescue one another in a fusion which includes copulation or its prefiguration, through a series of fading and superimpositions that produce a nightmare effect of Baconian type. Every image constitutes an authentic picture, full of cared and subtle plastic beauty.
About the curator

SILVIO DE GRACIA. (1973) is an Argentine writer, visual artist, performer, video artist, networker and visual poet, alsodirector of Ediciones "El Candiru "printing company- and of the international magazine of Mail Art and Visual Poetry "HOTEL DaDA", author of essays and journalistic writing of contemporary art &
creator and organizer of PLAY, an International Video Art Festival, in Junín, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA.

is a curatorial environment focussing on videos/films on the theme "memory & identity"
directed by Agricola de Cologne

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