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nat muller nat at xs4all.nl
Mon May 22 18:44:46 CEST 2006

>okno public01 festival :::  24 > 26 may 2006 ::: Brussels - Belgium
>okno is interested in the creative and 
>unpredictable innovations that stem from unruly 
>combinations of scientific, mediatic and 
>technologic artefacts: seeds to grow new forms 
>of expression where old structures are 
>We offer a virtual and physical public forum for 
>reflection on technologically-inspired media 
>arts. We tend to be a physical and online 
>meeting place for artists, and want to 
>facilitate a dialogue on current forms of 
>artistic practice with a creatively engaged 
>We want a form of media art that is digital, 
>collaborative and networked, interactive and 
>realtime, performative and shared, indivisible 
>in its audio-data-visual output.
>The cultural and aesthetic influences of media 
>technologies will be critically discussed in the 
>context of an alternative festival setup. The 
>processes and results of artistic research will 
>be presented in a program of round table 
>discussions, performances, experimental 
>concerts, interactive installations and 
>/// round table discussions & presentations ///
>http://okno.be/?id=764 and http://okno.be/?id=763 and http://okno.be/?id=767
>+++ wednesday may 24th +++ a focus on media art in Belgium :
>Beauty in the age of digital art. Transdisciplinary practices.
>moderated by Maja Kuzmanovic, Michaël Samyn, Elke Van Campenhout.
>+++ thursday may 25th +++ a focus on media art in Eastern and Central Europe :
>History and specific complexities of media art 
>in the region, recounted through the personal 
>narratives of the presenters.
>moderated by Nina Czegledy.
>+++ friday may 27th +++  a look into the future of networks :
>The working of cultural communities, onsite and online.
>moderated by Nat Muller.
>/// performances, projects, installations and workshops ///
>http://okno.be/?id=765 and http://okno.be/?id=692
>Quix (three monochromes RGB), FoAM (Inflatable 
>Meeting Room), .x-med-a. magazine (launch), Das 
>Netz / the Net (film by Lutz Dammbeck), Peter 
>Beyls (virtual robotics), Andrey Smirnov (laser 
>bugging & windowpane theremin installation), 
>Code31 (SE30-live), GND (machine.dream), society 
>of algorithm (networked Bejing/Tokyo/Brussels), 
>mxHz (TICS),  transmutation (collaborative 
>physical&virtual project), Résau Citoyen 
>(citynetwork), M+M+ (nomadic multimedia 
>platform), Dusan Barok & Magde Kobzova (save 
>before it's gone!)
>An important part of our activities are situated 
>in an independent server structure and in 
>networks of invisible relations between people 
>and information. okno wants to share ideas and 
>develop discourses through different but 
>parallel platforms. We like to play with degrees 
>of visibility, of both people and data. We want 
>to fascilitate participation simultaneously 
>onsite and online. Audiovisual streaming and 
>IRC-chat moderation of the okno public week 
>discussions and performances will encompass the 
>mixtures found in our digitally connected 
>existence. We would like to incorporate online 
>participation of people working in distinct 
>fields such as netart, social work, media art 
>and activist practice.
>okno public01 onsite
>24 > 26 may 2006, daily from 3pm > 01am
>@ matrix art project - koolmijnenkaai 30/34 - 1080 Brussels - Belgium
>metro Graaf van Vlaanderen / Comte de Flandres ::: tram 18
>okno public01 online
>@ http://okno.be
>audiovisual streaming & IRC chats,  daily from 3pm > 01pm
>check site for links and updates
>info at okno.be

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