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Limit Date: 31st May 2006
Director: Jorge Díez
Curator: Juan Antonio Álvarez Reyes
Coordinators: RMS La Asociación

For more information:
Web: http://www.madridabierto.com
E-mail: abierto at madridabierto.com

After the wide reception of its three previous 
editions, the program of public art 
<http://www.madridabierto.com>MADRID ABIERTO 
opens its call for proposals for 2007. The 
program will produce a series of interventions of 
ephemeral or temporary character in the center of 
Madrid that will be selected among the 
submissions received from these international 
opened call. For the first time, we include a 
specific call for sound works and audio-visual works.


1. The aim of this summon is to select for 
realization a maximum of ten artistic projects of 
temporary or short-term/ephemeral character, 
including two specific projects for the buildings 
of the Casa de América and the Círculo de Bellas 
Artes (images of both façades in 
http://www.madridabierto.com ), which will join 
Madrid Abierto together with other invited 
projects and with sonorous and audio-visual works 
selected for its emission for Radio 3 and for the 
circuit of the underground channel, Canal Metro

2. The interventions will develop in Madrid, 
coinciding with ARCO, in February 2007 inside the 
axes of the Paseo de La Castellana – Paseo del 
Prado boulevard and Puerta de Alcalá – Gran Vía street.

3.You may submit individual or group projects 
(for group projects you must name a 
representative). This call is open to artists of any nationality.

4. A) Each project must include:
•Curriculum Vitae of no more than 2.000 
characters and a photocopy of passport or an 
equivalent document of the author or authors of the project.

•Description of the project with an extension not superior to 4.000 characters.

•A maximum of six outlines or images of the 
project in jpg format with a maximum resolution of 72 ppp.

•Description of the assembly system and technical requirements.

•Approximate and itemized budget, including 
details of the concepts which may be able to be self-financed.

•Each file have to be compatible with PC. The 
files that are sent from a MACINTOSH have to have 
the corresponding extension (doc, xls, pdf, jpg, tif...).

•In case of not receiving all the information 
previously detailed the project will be dismissed.

•Maximum funding for each selected project is 
12.000 euros, including the travel expenses, 
housing, production, transport and assembly, 
author or authors fees (maximum of 2.000 Euros) and all applicable taxes.

B) The sonorous and audio-visual works must include:
•Curriculum Vitae of no more than 2.000 
characters and a photocopy of passport or an 
equivalent document of the author or authors’ of the project.

•Description of the project with an extension not superior to 4.000 characters.

•The audio-visual works for the circuit of the 
underground channel (Canal Metro) will have a 
maximum of 2 minutes duration, and can be sent in 
any digital format (AVI, MOV, WMW, SWF) for the 
selection process. The works selected by the jury 
should be sent on format DVD, miniDV, Betacam SP 
or VCPRO. The sonorous works will be broadcasted 
in Radio 3, will have a maximum of 10 minutes 
duration and should be send in CD format.

•The selected works will receive 600 Euros and a 
copy of the master will be part of Madrid 
Abierto´s public file, with a web location in 
http://www.madridabierto.com, previous agreement with the authors.

5. Projects should be sent by e-mail to: 
abierto at madridabierto.com, before the 31st of 
May, 2006 (or by standard post to: Fundación 
Altadis-Madrid Abierto, calle Barquillo, nº 7, 28004 Madrid, Spain).

6.The commission of selection, presided by the 
programme director Jorge Díez, it will be 
integrated by: Juan Antonio Álvarez Reyes (Madrid 
Abierto 2007 curator), Cecilia Andersson, 
Guillaume Desanges and Ramon Parramon. Casa de 
América and Círculo de Bellas Artes will 
designate a representative for the selection of 
the project that will shelter every institution.

The commission will choose a maximum of ten 
projects, evaluating the quality and viability of 
the proposals, as well as the total reversibility 
of the projects. As we are dealing with projects 
that will occupy public areas, it will be 
essential to obtain the corresponding 
authorisation from the municipal authorities for 
their installation, that will be managed by Madrid Abierto.

If the selected projects make any use of third 
party images, the artists must provide the 
express authorisation of the owners of these 
images for their use in the project.

7.Madrid Abierto reserves the right of 
publication and reproduction of the selected 
projects for all case relating to the promotion 
of the programme, and shall incorporate all 
generated documentation into its documentary 
resources and public archives. The projects and 
works selected shall be the property of the 
authors and the promoting institutions shall have 
a preferential right to their possible purchase.

8. Participation in this call implies total acceptance of the rules.

to a 
electronic flux corporation / <http://www.e-flux.com/>www.e-flux.com
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