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Tania Goryucheva tangor2 at xs4all.nl
Thu May 4 19:27:30 CEST 2006

Public Art Festival, Perm, Russia
September, 2006


The art group " Archeopterix" (Izhevsk, Russia) is pleased to invite
artists working with different media  to take part in the public art
project "Talking Monuments," which will be realized in the framework
of the cultural marathon "Perm Cultural Capital 2006."
The event will take place in September 2006 in Perm city, Russia.
Please submit your project proposals before July 20, 2006.
Further dissemination of the information will be highly appreciated.


The ten-days public art festival "Talking Monuments" aims to bring
together artistic reflections upon the role of monuments in
contemporary urban spaces. The idea is to question nowadays city
environments from the position of monuments within them as living
objects of city public life. How are they integrated into social
activities around them? How does public relate to them? How do they
participate in the public discourse? Can we make them sound and speak
on their own? What kind of observations can be grasped then?
We are looking for new myths and stories about monuments.
Within rapidly changing nowadays reality monuments are both cross- 
historical traces and witnesses of passing epochs and mythologies.
They seem to be silent and immobile objects, but what about giving
them an opportunity to speak out, to talk back to the public, to turn
them into active subjects of communication?


Please submit your project proposals according to the following four

1. "Talking Monument"
Art projects in formats of multimedia, kinetic installation; staged
visual, musical, poetic
performance. Your works are expected to be related to already
existing monuments in the city  and/or their context. Especially
works aiming at bringing dynamics and new contextual experiences are
welcomed. Works in this category will be selected in cooperation with
the city administration.
Please pay attention to special criteria for the projects in the
category "Talking Monument":
 > Your project should not cause any damage or material loss to
 > The project idea should correlate as much as possible with the
festival theme "Talking Monuments ."
 > References to the specific topics and aspects of cultural and
social context of Perm are encouraged.

Authors of selected projects will be provided with the assistance for
their realization, including materials, assistants, expenses.  For
more details please contact the organizers.

2. "Monumental Video-Scape"
Video art works of the total length of 10 min maximum. The video art
works are supposed to provide new environment or background for a
monument, so it is going to be presented next to a monument which
would be incorporated into the video-scape. The presentation of the
project assumes that between the screen and spectators there will be
a monument.
For further information and assistance in choosing monuments and
location please contact the organizers.

3. "SMS Perm Novel"
Projects in the form of short text messages.
One of the ideas of presentation of projects in this category
assumes: on a pedestal of a monument the board with running line
with text is mounted and transmitted. This category is open to your
creative suggestion as well.

4 " USB Stall or Art into the Masses!"
Any multimedia projects, which would suggest original ways of
distribution of contemporary art content via portable and mobile
devices widely used especially by youth: players, phones, PDAs, etc.
For that a small mobile stall-poster with USB and flash ports is
going to be established,
where everybody could download the art, not only the detailed program
documentation of the festival, but also media art works as such.
Visually the
object will be similar to the flying device from planet Pluke from
the cult Russian sci-fi movie "Kin-dza-dza" with mounted screens,
speakers and video projector to broadcast the documentation and
multimedia projects.

For more information on project, the list, photos and description of
monuments look at http://dacha.tyros.ru

DEADLINE for submission of project proposals is July 20, 2006

Please use the electronic form in DOC format.

Put your last name in the name of your file, for example: (smith.RTF)
and send it to
anfimx at yandex.ru.
Please send your files with brief description of the project and
pictures illustrating the description in JPG or GIF format together
with the electronic form to anfimx at yandex.ru

For any questions and suggestion contact: anfimx at yandex.ru

Further detailed information can be found at the web site http:// 

The form for the application in categories "Talking Monument,"  "USB
Stall." "Monumental Video-Scape" is below:








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