[artinfo] The4thScreen: a global fest of art & innovation for mobile phones

tamas banovich tamas at thing.net
Tue Mar 28 18:16:54 CEST 2006

The4thScreen: a global festival of art & 
innovation for mobile phones launches today with a call for works.

The4thScreen festival is the first event of its 
kind to focus on the mobile phone as an emerging 
social, cultural and technological phenomenon.

The festival was conceived by Tamas Banovich, 
curator, co-director of Postmasters Projects and 
Postmasters Gallery, to bring together artists, 
technologist and other creative thinkers from all 
over the world working with mobile phone technologies.

"We are at the moment when everybody, from the 
media moguls to Vietnamese peasants - artists, 
hackers, activists and governments are trying to 
grasp the impact, the power, of this new 
phenomenon.... trying to claim a part of it. 
There is still a lot of space for great ideas, to 
fulfill dreams and real needs. I hope the 
Festival will serve as a catalyst and influence this process...’Äù

  The4thScreen focuses on both content created 
specifically for mobile distribution, as well, as 
platforms and tools that will broaden the scope of mobile technology.

Artists, designers, technologists, and all 
creative thinkers are invited to submit their 
creations, inventions and revolutionary ideas in one of two categories:
Moving images- including videos, animations, and 
games made specifically for mobile delivery
Wise technologies ’Äì including SMS based 
projects, sound, software art, software and 
hardware projects proposing new or extended use 
of mobile devices, applications that impact the 
life, the cultural, social and economical 
conditions of people living in diverse cultures.

The image-enabled cell phone is at the center of 
a radical cultural, technological, and social 
shift. With over two billion phones currently in 
use and hundreds of millions added annually, the 
mobile phone is not only becoming pervasive, but 
the shooting and sharing of still and moving 
images and the exchanging of text messages is 
similarly omnipresent. Once, a relatively simple 
communications device, the cell phone is now an 
all-in-one personal media device, enabling 
unprecedented access to the production, 
distribution and reception of information, 
entertainment and art. The mobile phone is bridging the digital divide.

The deadline for submissions is June 4, 2006

contact:  Tamas Banovich, Festival Director
Tamas at The4thScreen.net
phone 212 229 9736    mobile 917 400 2381

459 W19 Street New York, NY10011   USA

The4thScreen Festival’Äô06 is produced by 
Postmasters Productions in partnership with the 
Museum of the Moving Image and Polytechnic University, New York.


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