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Geert Lovink geert at xs4all.nl
Thu Mar 23 11:20:08 CET 2006

>From: "David Goldenberg" <dged03 at hotmail.com>
>An event organised by the Bureau of research into Post Autonomy
>Saturday March 25th ­ 10am ­ 6pm
>An on-line Open public debate into current 
>issues on Art & Autonomy and Art & Post Autonomy.
>This is one of a series of on-going events and 
>debates initiated by the bureau for research 
>into Post Autonomy ­ please go to the website for a full programme of events.
>  “What is to be done? Is there an alternative 
> to Postmodernism’s ‘anything goes’ that is 
> currently threatening to put art at the mercy 
> of whatever is fashionable? To answer in 
> slogans ­ I think of further art developments 
> not in terms of postmodern but of 
> post-autonomous for, which art need only give 
> up that moment of autonomy that allows it no 
> final purpose. Because ­ if art has come to the 
> end of aesthetic autonomy, it seems to me 
> unavoidable that it will look to 
> extra-aesthetic goals and functions in order to survive and evolve.”
>We will use this quote as a point of departure for our debate today
>The debate is to take place in the chat room on 
>the Post Autonomy website ­ 
>http://www.postautonomy.co.uk/blog (- Please 
>note you will need to apply for a password before hand in order to login -)
>Today’s event will look at general questions 
>looking at issues around Autonomy in art ­ it is 
>not intended as a formal, academic or specialist 
>debate, but is instead set up to hear your 
>views, thoughts, feelings and opinions on these 
>issues. So if you have anything to say on these 
>issues we would like to hear from you.
>The day is to be structured into approx 30 
>minute sections per issue ­ you are welcome to 
>make comments or provide feedback on any of the 
>issues examined during that time.
>  You are then invited to join in a general debate at the end of the day
>   Programme of times and issues
>  Start 10am
>  10 - 10.30­ Introduction and general out line of the days event
>  General questions about art and Autonomy
>  10.30 ­ 11am - Why do people get so up set at 
> the thought that autonomy doesn’t exist in art?
>  11 ­ 11.30am ­ Do we need Autonomy in art?
>  11.30 ­ 12.am ­ If we do have Autonomy in art how do we recognise it?
>  12 ­ 12.30am ­ If we do have Autonomy in art then who owns Autonomy?
>  12.30 ­ 1pm - Can we understand an art without Autonomy?
>  General questions on art without Autonomy
>  1 ­ 1.30pm ­ Do we need to curb or restrict the autonomy of art?
>1.30 ­ 2pm - If Autonomy in art no longer exist’s does art disappear?
>  2­ 2.30pm ­ Why are people upset at the prospect of a world without art?
>  2.30 ­3pm ­ So is it possible to conceive of a 
> situation where art disappears?
>  3­ 3.30 pm ­ If autonomy doesn’t exist in art 
> do we need to rethink or reinvent Autonomy?
>  3.30 ­ 4pm ­ If art is said to disappear does 
> that actually mean that art has disappeared ­ 
> or do we arrive at an unexplored situation?
>4 ­ 6pm ­ Open debate

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