[artinfo] Last minute call _ economy class Nairobi, Kenya

alexander nikolic an at eroticunion.org
Sat Mar 18 16:09:18 CET 2006


If you are interested send, fast a mail to economyclass at eroticunion.org
Bei Interesse, bitte rasch ein mail an economyclass at eroticunion.org

There is an option to collect Catalogues, Books and to leave them to 
local Artist Associates.

Self-organized Artistic Intervention

 From 5 April to 30 April 2006 the Alliance Francaise in Nairobi, Kenya
in collaboration with the Austrian Embassy is placing at our disposal its
premises, where currently a group exhibition of over 90 artistic
attitudes of contemporary Kenyan artists is being shown.
Following this exhibition our project will be presenting a current
selection of contemporary Austrian art.
As our focus is set on long-standing alliances with representatives of the
Kenyan and African scene we consider our project to be a stimulus
to promote and multiply future cooperations.
In the preparation phase as well as during the actual exhibition
the entire ECONOMY CLASS project exclusively relies on the effective
networking  within the community, which clearly contrasts it from 
cultural activities.
This results in an organic social structure, which has grown within just a
few days,  and can be considered as a work of art in its own right.

The existence of all-purpose plans in the present cultural scene has
replaced the commitment to the here and now of the artistic avantgarde.
Contemporary art today means planned economy.
Exhibitions are conceived years ahead.
There is standardised exchangeability of art and artist.
Curators function as the civil servants of the new taste.
ECONOMY CLASS questions the conventional and institutional cultural scene.
The entire exhibition becomes a performance.
Package holiday tourists as bearers of the European culture.
Interdisciplinary artists from Austria exhibit their current positions
in Nairobi, Kenya.
In a place where the understanding of art has a different basis,
the contributions proactively demand an artistic dialogue and cooperation.
An exhibition in the era of digital repeatability.
Originals, repros, prints, installations, sculptures, films and arttalks.
Suitable as hand luggage and without transit insurance.
Last minute to Africa. A continent that does not exist in Europe.
Colonial exploitation was followed by imperial ignorance.
The exhibition ECONOMY CLASS is the romantic attempt
to breach the navel-gazing in the cultural scene by simultaneously 
reproducing it.

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