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Janos Sugar sj at c3.hu
Sun Mar 5 22:47:29 CET 2006

>>From: Jill Magid <info at jillmagid.net>
>>The Seventh Side of the Die--Opening March 8th
>>Curated by Anat Ebgi and Tom Brauer
>>Opening Reception Wednesday March 8, 2006 6-8PM
>>Colleen Asper, Hans Bellmer, Andre Breton, Alejandro Cardenas, 
>>Douglas Coupland, Jen DeNike, Marcel Duchamp, David Guinan, David 
>>Herbert, Timothy Hull, Jill Magid, Cheri Nevers, Jacob Rhodes, 
>>Mariah Robertson, Loul Samatar, Cindy Sherman, Andy Warhol
>>With the recent scandals in the literary world of writers faking 
>>their memoirs and even identities-to the point where we are not 
>>sure they ever existed- the concept of spinning stories has gone to 
>>a new level. From reality TV shows, talk shows and over-hyped 
>>media, the public is left in a daze of what is true or not. The 
>>artists in this exhibition, from emerging to established, are 
>>tweaking and toying with identities, constructing their own 
>>realities and deconstructing lazily received notions of reality 
>>that we mistake as 'truth. The show emulates the Surrealist 
>>tradition of inventiveness and absurdity as well as its example of 
>>establishing creative relationships between writers and artists. 
>>As a supplement to the exhibition, a complimentary editioned 
>>newspaper, The Seventh Side of the Die, will be published. This 
>>will serve as a medium where artists and writers will collaborate 
>>and carry on a dialogue through text and images. One hundred 
>>Newspapers will have an insert of an original drawing by an artist, 
>>which will be available for sale.
>>The gallery will host performances every Saturday during the length 
>>of the exhibition. The special events include: poetry & fiction 
>>readings, lectures, musical performances, and talks.
>>Newspaper Contributors:
>>John Ashbery, Marin Buschel, Alejandro Cardenas, Michael Cataldi, 
>>Douglas Coupland & Chuck Palahniuk, Jarrod Anderson & Dennis 
>>Cooper, Ann Craven, Eli Dansky, Jen DeNike, Carlton DeWoody, Anna 
>>Dunn, Marcella Durand, Mike Egan, Mike Guy, Aisling Hamrogue, 
>>Elizabeth Huey, Timothy Hull, Lisa Kirk, JT LeRoy, Susan Lipper, 
>>Ernest Loesser, Jill Magid, Justin McAllister, Peter Milne, Albert 
>>Mobilio, Laura Mullen, Cheri Nevers, David Adamo & Michael Portnoy, 
>>Archie Rand, Cordy Ryman, Justin Samson, Lynda Schor, Nick 
>>Stillman, Cole Swensen, Megan Whitmarsh, Eric White, Ana Wolovick, 
>>John Yau
>>Performances (Saturday Afternoons):
>>Drunk n Sailor, Mike Skinner, Jessica Slaven, Eliza Newman Saul, 
>>Snowboots, Bushwick Farms
>>Alona Kagan Gallery 540 West 29th Street New York, NY 10001 
>>www.alonakagangallery.com  t: (212) 560 - 0670 f: (212) 560 - 0671


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