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Kiss-Pál Szabolcs kspal at aramszu.net
Wed Mar 8 13:28:13 CET 2006

Dear friends,

please find enclosed a very interesting mail by Andreas Lewin who founded the new International Festival for Films on Art who will take place in Berlin midd September 2006. If you are interested or if you know people who could be interested don't hesitate to forward the message or to apply yourself.

Kind regards

Jean-Baptiste Joly

Dear (former) fellows of Solitude! 

 As the director of DOKU.ARTS, the International Festival for Films on Art in Berlin, I would like to ask for your advice!  

 I am seeking suggestions for: brilliant, eye and ear catching, heart opening and inspiring documentaries on the Arts (Music, Literature, Architecture, Fine Arts, Performing Art, Cinema and everything in between or outside)?

 Please let me know if any titles come to mind!

 Sometimes these films exist as a crucial part of our introduction into the Arts, but are still great to watch. Or maybe some film has just been released that reveals some new or old aspect of the process of creating Art and has been an inspiration for your own work.

 The film may be a portrait of an artist or a group of artists, or be about one piece, time or space of art. The main criterion is that it must have deeply impressed you on a personal level! (because there are tons of films out there...) 

 I need the proper title, country of origin, production year and director. Or just describe your impression of it and I will search for it.... If you do both, I will be very glad. 

 So if you have any idea, I would be happy and promise to send you the catalogue and a present from the festival, if your film gets chosen. And of course you get a credit on the festivals publications as a scout and we will look forward to further collaboration.

 I am very curious now and hope the Solitude Network is in fine shape. 

 Many thanks and good luck for your work! 


Andreas Lewin
Director International Festival for Films on Art
Academy of Arts
Pariser Platz 4
10117 Berlin
Web Page: www.doku-arts.de
E-mail: lewin at doku-arts.de 

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