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Thu Mar 2 00:08:06 CET 2006

03.03.2006- 10.03.2006
curators: Biljana P. Isijanin and Marjan Denkov
artists: Nikola Uzunovski, Tihomir Topuzovski, Aleksandra Petrusevska, and
Vedran Bojanovski

press to exit project space
Maksim Gorki 19, Skopje, Macedonia

press to exit project space is pleased to present the exhibition OFF
The exhibition opens Friday, 03.03.2006 at 9pm.

The OFF project was developed as part of the curatorial workshop conducted
by Basak Senova, resident curator in the Visiting Curatorial Initiative
program of press to exit project space, since June 2005. In due course, OFF
has been realized through the New Project Productions program of press to
exit project space with the curatorial advisory of Basak Senova. This
program supports local curators and artists in developing their own projects
by providing opportunities for their artistic and curatorial practices in

OFF, curated by Biljana P. Isianin and Marjan Denkov, has been shaped by
recognizing the value of exclusive contemporary art models that react
towards limitations of any kind. As a curatorial practice, the emphasis is
on spatial reactions and answers of the artists by even increasing the
limitations of the gallery space. Such an approach would operate on
different levels: (i) the artistic level: the reaction of the artist thought
her/his production that would extract the energy of the gallery space; (ii)
the physical level; through the spatial interventions; (iii) the reception
level; by experiencing the exhibition through implied political and social
dynamics of the space.

Tihomir Topuzovski is interested in researching the potentials of mundane
objects and their semiotic complexity that challenges the limitation of
life. Aleksandra Petrusevska re-narrates the impossible personal stories of
despair through the aesthetics of destruction. Vedran Bojanovski captures
the gazes of ordinary people through the paths of memory and fragility.
Nikola Uzunovski questions the limitations of the possibilities that are
presented in the dreams, efforts and productions of the art workers.

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