[artinfo] PLAYMOBIEL (amsterdam mobile phone exhibit)

Geert Lovink geert at xs4all.nl
Thu Jun 29 21:43:18 CEST 2006

>From: nathalie faber <NAF at chello.nl>
>  eenmobieletelefoontentoonstelling
>10 juni - 8 juli 2006
>Curator: Nathalie Faber (Cut-n-Paste)
>Arti et Amicitiae, Rokin 112, Amsterdam
>10th June till 8th July 2006
>Openings hours : Tuesday till Sunday between 13.00 - 18.00.
>  Mobile art, shotcodes, titillating shorts, games, GPS drawings,
>teletap, ring tone composers, unique wallpapers. PLAYMOBIEL is an
>exhibition presenting artists who use mobile technology in their work.
>They are stretching the use of the innovative wireless and mobile
>communication technologies and are playfully inspired by the telephone
>  Participating artists are: Blast Theory, Arno Coenen, Cut-n-Paste,
>Gerald van der Kaap, Aryan Kaganof, Bert Kommerij, A.P. Komen / Karen
>Murphy, Leonard van Munster, Kate Pemberton, PIPS:lab, Esther Polak,
>Scanner. Scanner uses tapped telephone conversations as material to
>compose music with; Blast Theory is developing mixed reality games;
>Arno Coenen designed a floor mosaic based on the interface of a Nokia
>telephone; Gerald van der Kaap hands out a mobile phone plus free
>minutes to a girl from Amsterdam to film and photograph herself;
>Leonard van Munster made a few hardware projects using the cell phone
>as a remote control device; 'Locative Media' artist Esther Polak uses
>Global Positioning System (GPS) to visualise the tracks of people
>resulting in a drawing; PIPS:lab developed software for mobile phones
>to scan personal photo's and transform it into beats; Aryan Kaganof
>shot the first feature film on a eight mobile phone cameras; Kate
>Pemberton designs logo's and designs as wallpapers for the cell phone
>as well as cross stitching patterns; and so on...
>Both the personalisation of media as the way people communicate within
>the mobile networked society are central themes within PLAYMOBIEL. How
>are relationships between people influenced upon? Are they
>strengthened or frustrated due to the new methods of communication.
>Apart from the show in Arti, there will also be a parallel exhibition
>for the interested scattered over the globe, accessible by mobile
>phone. By sending a text message PLAYMOB ON to 3553, you will be sent
>an audiovisual work of art to your mobile phone every day of the
>exhibition. Small, short (one minute maximum) and focussing on the
>intimacy of your personal telephone. A totally new way of subscribing
>freely is by using the 'shotcode' of PLAYMOBIEL. A shotcode is 2D
>barcode containing an encoded link to a website. By taking a picture
>using the camera on your mobile phone, you are granted direct access
>to the website.
>For the website and mobile site go to: playmobiel.net
>Exhibition architect: Wiebe Boonstra (Brandnewbrand)
>  Graphical Design: made by martin
>  Technical support: Gerbrand Oudenaarden, Martin Takken
>  Production: Claartje Kortbeek
>PLAYMOBIEL has been made possible by: Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst,
>Mondriaan Stichting, VSB fonds, Thuiskopie fonds, Stimuleringsfonds
>Nederlandse Culturele Omroepprodukties, RVU educatieve omroep, Lloyd
>Hotel & Culturele ambassade, Blue Melon, Gamo bv, Twodotone, Hanazuki,
>Teletools, Orange.
>For further information you can contact Nathalie Faber:
>nathalie at cut-n-Paste.nl. As an alternative 'catalogue' of the show she
>will maintain a web log for PLAYMOBIEL, the so called playmoblog:
>For information on Arti, contact: GabriŽlle Mertz, exhibition
>coordinator, telephone: (020) 623 35 08 www.arti.nl

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