[artinfo] CALL FOR ENTRIES: F Space Exhibition (Paris)

Mélanie Perrier melanie_perrier at yahoo.fr
Thu Jun 29 10:22:29 CEST 2006

Curatorial group is calling for entries for the
official selection of F_SPACE EXHIBITION that will
take place in Paris, France, in October of 2006,
during the 18th Paris International Lesbian & Feminist

 the Exbition details follow.

For more details about the 18th International
Festival and the Entryform :

If you have any questions, please contact me.




 the distinction between sex and gender serves the
argument that whatever biological intractability sex
appears to have, gender is culturally constructed :
hence, gender is neither the causal result of sex nor
as seemingly fixed as sex. »
Judith Butler

During the 18th Paris International Lesbian & Feminist
Film Festival (« Quand les lesbiennes se font du
cinéma »), the Trianon (a mythical theater in Paris),
becomes for four days a unique and global event around
lesbian and feminist culture. 

Each year, the festival propose more than sixty
original films coming from all over the world, and
giving a peculiar and innovative look on feminine
homosexuality and the topicality of women condition
Alongside the films,  the Trianon regroup, through
three floors, some chat forum, a space dedicated to
the associations, a lounge, a snack bar, and two art

This year, a new policy of exhibition has been set up
and entrusted to two curators. 
One of this exhibit is the F_SPACE project (Feminine
F_SPACE doesn't pretend to be a space of visibility,
but more of a will to develop in situ some project
designed specifically for the Festival location and

Without neither predetermined space nor particular
subject, the project for F_SPACE will have to colonize
the nook and crannies of the place, in it’s most
unusual parts, an thus to get the productions out of
the prescriptivism of traditional art exhibitions.

Each artistic project will have to conceive the place,
and it’s distinctiveness, as an integral part of it’s
plastic expression, and change it to a living space.
given the historical nature of the building, no nail,
screw or the likes (likely to deteriorate) can be
used. Each project will provide it’s own show
The exhibition, thus conceived, will have the will to
disrupt our look and rapport to the artworks, making
them a part of the meetings, the passers-by, the wait.

Ground floor : entry, reception, too lateral stairs 

1st floor : the floor spread between too large stairs
from the ground floor, stairs to the 2cd floor, and
the doors leading to the main auditorium. During the
festival, this floor offer a lounge, snack bar, winter
garden, bathroom and so on.

2cd floor : Mezzanine (inalienable space)

3rd floor : Mezzanine
(images coming soon)

The association Cineffable (organizing the Festival)
intend to promote each year the movie production of
women, and for now 18 years shape this International
festival as a unique time in Europe dedicated to
lesbian and feminist worldwide culture. This event
take over the Trianon for the duration, making the
women only policy a way of favoring grounding debates.

The F_SPACE exhibition is viewed as a component of the
event, and claim to be a place of infiltration.
If the question of gender, of homosexuality (their
discrimination or visibility), of women and equality
has tormented recently the intellectual circles, the
exhibition has the will to show how much those
reflections are at the core of the work of cotemporary
international artist.

Confronted to the diversity of the festival and it’s
limited space, the F_Space concept will have to limit
the number of project.
A large media exposure will take place for the F_Space
exhibition (national, international, and specialized)

Note : the 2cd floor mezzanine will accommodate an
other more traditional exhibition.


To submit please send:
- The submission form with all parts filled out 
- The project stament
- Images of project
- (For the video)A copy of the video on DVD or miniDV
or DVCam (PAL-format).
- CV and artists statement

Exhition F_SPACE :
Melanie Perrier
9, rue de capri
75012 PARIS

Deadline for application: august the 5th 2006




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