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Please distribute this to persons who may be 
interested - pretty technical and/ but with some 
lively scientists in a highly interdisciplinary environment.
Best wishes
Sally Jane Norman
Culture Lab - Newcastle

PhD Studentship
Virtual Reality representation of uncertainty in 
Earth Systems Engineering model predictions
University of Newcastle upon Tyne, jointly funded 
by the Informatics Research Institute and the 
School of Civil Engineering and Geomatics.

A three-year PhD studentship is available at the 
School of Civil Engineering and Geomatics 
starting 1st October 2006, supervised by Dr Mike 
Walkden, Dr Patrick Olivier and Professor Jim 
Hall. The studentship will be linked to the 
‘Sustainable Coasts’ research programme of 
the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research 
(http://www.tyndall.ac.uk) and will work on the 
output of Tyndall’s coastal simulator.
The project aims to develop Virtual Reality (VR) 
techniques for the representation of the 
uncertainty in predictions of coastal erosion and 
flooding in order to improve understanding by 
decision makers, stakeholders and the public.
Tasks will involve:
· developing a basic understanding of the 
Tyndall coastal research programme and the flood 
and erosion modules of Tyndall’s coastal simulator,
· reviewing literature concerned with visual 
analytics, risk/hazard communication, uncertainty 
analysis, flood modelling and erosion modelling,
· constructing simple deterministic 
visualisations of the flood and erosion output in 
quasi 3-dimensions (Q3D) on a PC and in 3 
dimensions (3D) using the IRI VR suite. VR 
technical support will be provided by the IRI,
· preparation of Q3D and 3D visual 
representation of uncertainty, exploring issues 
of scale and representation of economic risk,
· demonstration of the most promising 3D and Q3D 
methods to selected groups and assess their 
perception of the uncertainties and risks through 
structured interviews and questionnaires.

The student appointed for this task should be 
mathematically and computationally proficient 
with some programming experience, and will be 
engaged in an exceptionally interdisciplinary 
environment opening onto the University's 
Cultural Quarter through links between IRI and 
Culture Lab, Newcastle's newly opened digital hub 
for practice-based creative research.

The studentships comprise a tax-free maintenance 
payment of around £12k per annum for three years 
(equivalent to more than £15k before tax), plus 
automatic payment of university fees, but as such 
are available only to EU citizens. Students from 
other locations may also apply but will only be eligible for part funding.

Applications received before the end of July 06 
will be guaranteed consideration. Applications 
should be made through the online booking system 
at: http://www.ncl.ac.uk/postgraduate/apply/applicationforms.phtml

Further particulars and background information can be obtained from:
For informal information please contact Dr. Mike 
Walkden at mike.walkden at ncl.ac.uk

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