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Fri Jun 16 23:43:40 CEST 2006

   Playlist 12.06.06

     1.      'Beyond TV'until 31.08.06 Museum of Television and Radio

     2.      'BUGS /// KÄFER' a project of Christopher Bauder & Till
     Beckmann (D)

     3.      The Peoples Poppy by Helen Marshall & Digital Arts (UK)

     4.      New Urban Realities China Contemporary until 13.08.06
     Museum Boymans van Beuningen, Rotterdam (NL)

     5.      Gasometer by
     Marta Galvao Lucas (P)

     6.      "Once upon a time Chernobyl" until 08.10.06 , CCCB,
     Barcelona (ES)

     7.      Bellhead by Henrique Roscoe, Brazil

     8.      Flying Dropkick by Oliver Larick

     9.      Art Basel (CH)

     10.     SoniColumn Jin-Yo Mok (KOR)

     11.     Plastic trade-off by Gerald Nestler + Syl.Eckermann (A)


   What´s NEW this week in the playlist?


   [2]Beyond TV at The Museum of Television & Radio in New York, in
   conjunction with Studio IMC: New Media Art.Comprised of five separate
   pieces, this exhibit of interactive art offers visitors the
   opportunity to experience technologies used in video games, the
   Internet, social software, and cell phones all of which will
   ultimately have an impact on television as we know it today.

   [3]New Urban Realities China Contemporary , China's rapidly changing
   urban reality is the central theme of this exhibition, presented by
   Museum Boymans van Beuningen, Rotterdam. [4]New Urban Realities
   presents the work of fifteen Chinese artists for whom the actuality of
   China's cities plays a prominent part in their oeuvre.

   New Media

   The image of the "bug" as error and variable of the program will be
   the metaphor for this interactive installation [5]'BUGS /// KÄFER' a
   project of Christopher Bauder & Till Beckmann. The user is encouraged
   to play with the bugs and by doing so create new bugs and variables in
   the software.

   Public Art

   [6]The People's Poppy, a unique new piece of art by artist Helen
   Marshall, commissioned by the British Legion. The 6 x 6 metre poppy is
   made up of thousands of contributed individual images that each
   illustrate the work of the British Legion and marks the launch of the
   Legion's new campaign, Poppy Support.

   Art Videos

   Gasometer by Marta Galvao Lucas (P) is a piece on the Looppool DVD,
   published by Raum für Projektion. Which is a DVD label and a
   temporary projection space for showing video projects. The center of
   the space is a screen which is visible to viewers from both sides. The
   space is intended as a new pathway between the classical cinema
   presentation and visuals that one knows from clubs.

   [7]Bellhead by Henrique Roscoe, Brazil. Vj 1mpar is a project from the
   designer, musician and digital Brasilian artist Henrique Roscoe.
   Abstract shapes and vectorial drawings make the basis of the project,
   that, apart from most VJs, doesn´t use a camera to record the
   footages. All the videos and animations are selfmade constructions,
   built entirelly on the computer, or drawed by hand and scanned.

   Don´t forget to register for Video on Demand and you will have
   access to all videos shown from the beginning until now from

   Have nice week!!



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