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Miran Kres miran.kres at guest.arnes.si
Fri Jun 16 11:09:36 CEST 2006

Ljubljana, Slovenia, Artists association Galerija 
GT and FAMUL STUART School of Applied Arts 
eu-stuart.si - European Art Students' Digital 
CALL FOR SUBMISSION http://www.eu-stuart.si/FS-EU-06-call.htm
The call for the 3rd edition of eu-stuart.si 
invites young artists to participate in a special 
theme: Identity, or to submit an Open theme work.

The works must be submitted in the format 
appropriate for screenings (see Categories 
a,b,c). Open media submissions (d) will be 
treated specially, regarding the special demands 
and the possibilities of realisation in 
particular show spaces.

A. Special theme: IDENTITY
B. Open theme


In everyday life we meet different identities. 
Also our identity changes, adapts, transforms,Š 
Personal identity deals with questions about 
ourselves, Šour problemes, persistence question, 
identity through time. But the spectrum of the 
word identity is much wide and relates more than 
just personal identity. There are social, 
political, philosophical, artistic,Š.identities. 
So there is a lot of different views on identity. 
Does your view fit in, probably it does, so widen 
the spectrum than.

The above is not in any way a suggestion how to 
deal with this year's theme. The theme is simply 
"IDENTITY". We expect diverse answers in diverse 
media and modes. Short street interviews with 
people. OK. A monologue into a camera? A 
reflection, a commentary of a resident? A 
research of available literature, maps, 
encyclopaedia, theory? A SF? A documentary? A 
computer game? OK.

Applicants can submit their work in requested 
formats in the following categories:
a. 1 minute clip (video, animation)
b. 2-5 min (short film, video or animation)
c. 6-15 min (short film, video or animation)
d. Length undefined (open media - audio/video 
installation, interactive computer work, web 

*-The first criteria for selection will be the 
quality of submitted works. However, the quality, 
the number and the length of submitted works in a 
particular category will affect the number of 
selected works in each category. Open media 
submissions will be treated specially, regarding 
the special demands and the possibilities of 
realisation in particular show spaces.

Works of current art students and artists that 
have recently graduated (in years 2005 and 2006) 
are welcome.
No entry fees.

Deadline for application and material:
By post: July 27th 2006
Special delivery: August 1st 2006 (All works 
arrived on Famul Stuart address till 1 P.M. 
August 1st 2006 will be accepted. If received 
later, the final date of the official postal 
stamp from July 27th 2006 is valid.)
Exhibited works will be selected upon a 
professional jury decision. All applicants will 
be informed until September 15th by email.
The exhibition will take place from September 
till October 2006 in different art galleries in 
Duration: The exhibition will be touring Slovenia 
for one year. We will try to spread our network 
to other countries as well.

The selected committee will select best works for 
exhibition and screenings. Authors of selected 
works will be informed until the September 15th 
by email. Exhibiting artists will be quoted in 
our printed materials and web announcements and 
will receive their copy of eu-stuart.si leaflet 
at the end of the touring exhibition.

All submissions must be on following media: CD, 
DVD (.avi or .mov), mini DV (PAL) appropriate for 
screening and visual presentation (PC formats 
only). Each entry should be titled with basic 
information (lines 2 to 6 /see below/ Labelling 
of materials and works)

/ENTRY DEADLINE:// /27/07/06

/FAMUL STUART School of Applied Arts
Bezigrajski dvor, Dunajska 56
1000 Ljubljana
+386 (0)1 436 47 06

E-mail: famul at eu-stuart.si <mailto:famul at eu-stuart.si>

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