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Adele Eisenstein adele at c3.hu
Wed Jun 14 01:38:19 CEST 2006

Few more places available for Masters Programme in Creative Games.

Games as Tools for Architects, Urban Planners, Artists, Musicians, ...
When the evangelists and the inventors of the notion of "Serious Games"
added "battlefield simulation" to health, heritage and art issues, we
thought it would be a good moment to replace the term




There is a Masters programme at Salford University in Manchester, which
offers an "MSc in Creative Games".


The philosophy of this programme in Creative Games is expressed through the
following features:

* To integrate the fields of research of Creative Technology, Heritage
Studies, Digital Art, Interactive Media and to create a new discipline based
on the application area of serious content driven games and the
possibilities of game engines for the Cultural and Creative Industries.

* To equip graduates with both the theoretical expertise and the practical
skills to enter, and make an effective contribution to the growing area of
Creative Games.

* Gaining specific skills in a number of areas including creative thinking,
research methods, computer systems, visualization, multi-media,
interactivity, and telematics.

* Developing the ability to think dynamically and creatively.

* Gaining the expertise to focus on a specific avenue of interest, carry out
enquiries and experiment, and produce pioneering projects or realize
innovative working prototypes and solutions.

For more information write to

m.fuchs at salford.ac.uk

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