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Call for Artists to realize joint research 
projects in Research labs and R&D units

This is a call for artists to collaborate on 
joint research projects with Research Labs and 
R&D units in Spain (Basque Country)

Download the application: http://www.disonancias.com

Collaboration period:
from September 2006 to February 2007

The call for artists to participate in DISONANCIAS 2006 is now open.

DISONANCIAS (Art and innovation) is the second 
round of this art and industry collaboration 
project located in the Basque Country, Spain. The 
project seeks to promote the diversification in 
relation to the process of innovation inside 
research labs and R & D units here, based on the 
potentials of experience and exchange generated 
by the relationship with artists.

Ten artists will be chosen to collaborate with 
research teams in companies and labs, in order to 
encourage "deviations and dissonances" from the 
regular logical thought and action processes, in 
the hope of leading to a news definition of 
prototypes for different products or different approaches toward production.

The deadline for applications is 5 July 2006. We 
encourage artists to apply who normally work on 
collective and relational projects and/or on 
projects related to science and technology.

The Jury consists of Roger Malina, astrophysicist 
at the Laboratory of Spatial Astronomy of the 
CNRS at Marseille (France), and executive editor 
of Leonardo publications on Arts and Sciences, 
Jill Scott, Director of "The Artistsinlabs" 
project and professor and vice director of Z-node 
PHD Program in Art and Science at the Institute 
of Cultural Studies in Art, Media and design at 
the Academy of Art and Design in Zurich 
(Switzerland) and Santi Eraso, Director of 
Arteleku (Public Art Centre) in Donostia - San Sebastian (Spain).

10 companies and research labs participating in 
the project have defined the field / concept / 
material / technology and / or processes they 
wish the applying artists to investigate:

1. Researching concepts. Creative concepts 
proposals which relate to the strategic interests 
of companies / research centers, which may experience unexpected developments:
• Safety: multi-sensorial and secure evacuation 
of buildings at DAISALUX - http://www.daisalux.com
• Safety (2): researching safe working 
environments which are able to integrate disabled 
persons at LEIA - http://www.leia.es
• Multimedia: researching ways of integration 
between the different media (press, web, TV, 
radio) of the CORREO GROUP - http://www.elcorreodigital.com

2. Thinking up new products. This call 
corresponds to the need to diversify product 
portfolios and it involves devising new products 
(mainly for the street and home furniture):
• using materials produced by the FORMICA 
laminate company - http://www.formica.es
• using recycled plastic materials GAIKER 
Technology Centre - http://www.gaiker.es
• from the ALFA LAN GROUP's own technologies, 
normally used in making large public sculptures - http://www.alfaarte.com

3. Reinventing formats. This involves seeking out 
innovative formats which depart from conventional 
designs. Three formats are related to image, and one to food products:
• the audiovisual documentary format at EITB - http://www.eitb.com
• multimedia content for Augmented Reality 
applications at VICOMTECH - http://www.vicomtech.es
• audiovisual and interactive contents to be sent 
to personal mobile devices at EUVE - http://www.euve.org
• packaging and merchandising of food products at KAIKU - http://www.kaiku.es

The above collaborations should result in the 
construction of a prototype or drawings of ideas, 
or development of new approaches or processes.

The 10 artists (or group of artists) selected 
will receive a fee of 5.000 euros each, and a 
minimum of 1.300 euros for travel, food and 
accommodation. In addition, each artist is 
entitled to a maximum of 5.000 euros (depending 
on the project) for expenses driving from the 
development of the research. The collaborations 
last 6 months each, alternating virtual and 
presential relations according to the project’s needs.

Full information on the companies and research 
centers participating and the rules for 
participation are available at http://www.disonancias.com

Promoter: XABIDE Group ( 
http://www.grupoxabide.es). Main sponsor: SPRI / 
Basque Government. Associated bodies: Alava 
Development Agency / Bai Bizkaia Innovation 
Agency / Regional Government of Gipuzkoa 
(Department for Innovation and Knowledge 
Society). Collaborators: Arteleku / Spanish Ministry for Culture.


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electronic flux corporation / <http://www.e-flux.com/>www.e-flux.com
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