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Art and its Institutions: Current Conflicts, Critique and Collaborations

Editor: Nina Möntmann
Publisher: Black Dog Publishing, London
Produced by NIFCA,
Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art

Paperback, 192 pgs, 60 colour & b/w ills., 16 x 22 cm.
ISBN 1 904772 50 1

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or email: offers at bdp.demon.co.uk

Art and its Institutions is a comprehensive 
reader on current institutional conditions and 
the role of institutions within artistic 
processes, offering a powerful insight into the 
diversity of art institutions and their practice 

The book examines the interests of the various 
institutions involved in the production and 
mediation of art, and explores the impact these 
institutions have on the contemporary art world. 
It covers topics, including the decline of the 
welfare state; the advanced corporatisation of 
institutions; the art space and notions of 
democracy; curating with institutional visions; 
the role of art academies and education; new 
collectives and self-organisation; the need for 
transgressive institutions; a re-evaluation of 
institutional critique of the 1970s and 90s; and 
the introduction of new models of critique in 
artistic and institutional practice. Two NIFCA 
exhibition projects, Spaces of Conflict and 
Opacity, are also discussed in terms of their 
relationship to the controversies and desires 
provoked by institutions.

With essays by prolific authors and academics, 
including 16Beaver Group, Beatrice von Bismarck, 
Mike Bode and Staffan Schmidt, Roger M. Buergel, 
Anthony Davies, Stephan Dillemuth, Anselm Franke, 
Andrea Fraser, Tone Hansen, Trude Iversen, Jakob 
Jakobsen, Nanna Kildal, Maria Lind, Marita 
Muukkonen and Chris Evans, Nina Möntmann, Simon 
Sheikh, Jan Verwoert, Sven-Olov Wallenstein.

A challenging and rigorously analytical book, Art 
and its Institutions gives powerful insight into 
the diversity of art institutions today, and 
their relation to artistic practice.

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