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Damien Hirst, 40, works on the probably most 
expensive work of art for all times. Well-known 
british artist for his shark inserted into 
formaldehyde, straight in co-operation with a 
London-based jeweller creates a model of the 
concentration camp (KZ) Auschwitz Birkenau 
occupied with diamonds. The production of the 
work will cost between 8 and 10 million Pound, 
because it needs about 8,500 of the precious 
jewels. The most expensive stone is a 50-carat 
diamond, which makes work on the gate elbow with 
the famous-notorious label "Arbeit macht frei" 
attached and will cost at least 3 million Pound. 
Hirst would like with the "For the Love of Jahwe" 
called work "fuck death off." It is to be located 
to Hirst show in the center in his gallery Pink 
Cube, with which this will open its new premises 
in June 2007. The gallery is silent itself over 
the fact out whether the work is an order work, 
or is for sale to the market.

A dissecting looking at - being astonished and 
cutting, as well as the Re-design of the 
aesthetical features on its existence from 
subject -, surprised at the same time, leads with 
Damien Hirst to one - only with it in this form 
minted - mechanized visualized noize special. To 
an art of the concrete purchases, but with 
immanence. This supplies the concreteness. It is 
thus our history, which delivers art thereby as 
concrete object. Transfering the equipment of 
into (post) present, extended culture history, 
which receives one of the few real 
authentications by Damien Hirsts refraction work 
to be able to be still in such a manner of 
unbroken presence today.

Project web page: http://strafjustiz.de/

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