[artinfo] call for articles: net.art / net.culture

stéfano stéfano
Fri Jul 14 09:55:00 CEST 2006

A new portal over net.art / net.culture has been created.
Thought as a MediaLab, from August 1st, 2006 the 
ArihuaLab will host articles, graphical 
contributions, art software and useful tools 
(Open Source utilities for net-culture and software art works).

Online Inauguration will be announced on the 
SPECTRE mailing list. By now, we're calling for 
contributions, articles over one of the Core 
Topics: net art - net culture. No matter if your 
contribution contains text, graphics, or both.We 
accept articles, essays, net-art works, textual, 
audio and video contributions. If you're 
interested in adding a brief personal note (bio), 
please send. Don't forget to specify anything you 
want to include (your site URL, some Online 
references, an Online gallery, links to other articles, etc.)

Accepted Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese

The ArihuaLab Open Project is coordinated by the 
photographer esteban daniel pérez tonella.

Please send your contributions or feedbacks to: sperez [AT] arihua.com

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