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>> CALL FOR ENTRIES - please forward
>> ------------------------
>> PARAFLOWS 06  / annual convention for digital arts and cultures
>> 09.-16.09.2006, Vienna, Austria
>> ------------------------
>> paraflows 06  / EXHIBITION
>> The exhibition PARAFLOWS 06 invites you to submit contributions. The
>> exhibition deals with current artistic positions within digital  
>> media and
>> net cultures. We will present productions which - using new media  
>> as a
>> cultural tool - aim for a better understanding of today's society,  
>> thus
>> also being able to utter criticism in order to redesign society.  
>> We are
>> eager to see works highlighting and scrutinising the decisive role  
>> of new
>> technologies in the development and the perception of presentday  
>> culture.
>> This year's exhibition will focus on the idea of a 'net behind the  
>> net'
>> which can mean both the digital behind the social net, and the social
>> behind the digital net. Paraflows (the Greek prefix 'para' meaning:
>> beside, near, moreover) emanates from the main motors of freedom  
>> of the
>> net and its para-experts, the wikipedias and slashdots of all areas
>> within which consumers help each other voluntarily to become and  
>> remain
>> critical users and experts in their fields. We are interested in  
>> works
>> augmenting our understanding of data protection and privacy,
>> decentralisation, and self-publishing, works that deal with the
>> implications of free 'social software' (web 2.0, blogs,  wikis,  
>> etc.) in
>> realspace, and in works analysing the importance of computer  
>> programming
>> as a cultural technique.
>> ------------------------
>> paraflows 06  / LOCATIONS exhibitions
>> The exhibition will be held in various locations of the Viennese  
>> art and
>> culture scene, ranging from art spaces to clubs, production sites and
>> gallery spaces (details below). We explicitly encourage contributions
>> which are generated for or in accordance with one of the locations,
>> though spatial reference is by no means compulsory. For the seven  
>> days of
>> the exhibition, there will be a 'net.art-brunch' taking place at a
>> different location every day, intended to provide opportunities for
>> artists and producers to communicate with each other.
>> location_1 / ARTWARE-LOUNGE
>> Keywords: Exhibition space of arteware.cc, quite slick environment.
>> Space: 2 rooms, 120m2 and 40m2, in the basement. Equipment: 1  
>> projector,
>> dvd player, internet. Comment: the basement is highly suitable for
>> projections. Contact: paraflow coordinator Judith Fegerl,  
>> jdth at tdth.net,
>> www.arteware.cc
>> location_2 / BLUMBERG
>> Keywords: art collective and contemporary art platform, concept  
>> art, art
>> installations, design, media art, performance & discussions. Space:
>> 120m2, former shop with shop windows, very open, neutral environment.
>> Equipment: collective ressources available, open Wlan, leased line.
>> Comment: no loud sound-projects. Contact: Florian Harmer,
>> office at blumberg.at, www.blumberg.at
>> Keywords: newly renovated rooms, ground floor of a corner house,  
>> project
>> "Kunst-im-Stadtteil" ['art-in-the-quarter'], immigrants,  
>> participative
>> projects. Space: 2 rooms, 55m2, 35m2. Equipment: Wlan, leased line,
>> optional: 1 projector, dvd player, computer. Comment: interventions
>> welcome. Contact: Ula Schneider, ula.schneider at sohoinottakring.at,
>> www.sohoinottakring.at
>> location_4 / METALAB
>> Keywords: social open space for collaboration and knowledge  
>> exchange with
>> interdisciplinary magicians and technically creative enthusiasts,  
>> grant-
>> aided net culture. Space: 200m2 spread over several rooms, no  
>> white cube
>> but expert atmosphere. Equipment: 1 projector, several computers  
>> (Linux),
>> open Wlan, leased line. Comment: projects with conceptual and,  
>> even more
>> so, technical expertise are preferred. Contact: Christopher Clay,
>> mail at c30.org, www.metalab.at
>> location_5 / UMRAUM
>> Keywords: artists/architects duo, art concepts, process art,  
>> promoters of
>> spatial phenomena, outer-institutional art, internet as fragment  
>> of the
>> public. Space: anteroom 12m2, studio 36m2, shop 16m2, rather neutral,
>> basement, corner house, partially reclaimable outdoor space.  
>> Equipment: 2
>> projectors, several monitors, 4 dvd players, 1 computer (Apple), open
>> Wlan, leased line. Comment: suitable for installations, production,
>> exhibitions. Contact: Kurt Weckel, umraum at sil.at, http:// 
>> www.umraum.net/
>> location_6 / VEKKS
>> Keywords: classic underground subculture with Freebie Shop at the
>> entrance, quarter socialisation. Space: about 120m2, blue walls, back
>> yard, rustic basement of about 70m2. Equipment: Hi-fi system, 1  
>> computer,
>> leased line. Contact: Georg Stejskal, vekks at yahoo.com, http://
>> umsonstladen.at/ and http://www.vekks.cjb.net/
>> location_7 / werkzeugH
>> Keywords: digital living room, 400m2 + 200m2 outdoor space, big glass
>> fašade towards the street, space for architectonic interventions,
>> discourse space and DIY academy. Space: 170m2 (13 by 13m). Equipment:
>> power, water, Wlan, leased line. Comment: happily accepted:  
>> installations
>> with reference to realspace, outdoor space/architecture. Contact:  
>> Manfred
>> Wuits, manfred at monochrom.at, http://einreichplan.wien.net
>> ------------------------
>> paraflows 06  / SUBMISSION exhibition
>> DEADLINE: August 4th 2006, 24:00:00 MET
>> Project submissions will only be accepted in digital form as one  
>> single
>> pdf-file sent to office at paraflows.at
>> 1) Name, institution (if existent), address, email, phone number,  
>> website/s
>> 2) Submitted work: title, medium, author/s, year of production
>> 3) Please choose up to three of the following catchwords as key  
>> aspects
>> for your submitted work: interface, database, software, device, game,
>> animation, immersive, narrative, linear, non-linear, analogue, found
>> footage, sonic, visual, tactile, interactive, reactive, auto-active,
>> participatory, generative, performative, locative, networked, shared,
>> DIY, political, archival, documentary, site-specific, urban,  
>> communal,
>> contemplative, poetic, humoristic, therapeutic.
>> 4) Description of the project (1 page maximum), please note  
>> preferred location
>> 5) Technical explanations, spatial/system needs (hardware, operating
>> system, additional software)
>> 6) Further information
>> 7) Biographies
>> 8) Documentation of former projects (website/s is sufficient)
>> Language: only works in German or English, respectively works with
>> subtitles in one of these languages will be accepted.
>> Works in other languages must come with a list of texts in German  
>> or English.
>> We explicitly encourage artists and producers from outside Austria to
>> enter the competition.
>> Jury: The projects will be selected in consensus with the  
>> organisers of
>> the particular location and with the exhibition management.
>> ------------------------
>> paraflows 06  / FRAME
>> PARAFLOWS 06, the annual convention for digital arts and cultures, is
>> taking place for the first time, it features an exhibition, a  
>> symposium,
>> workshops, and various social events. The four Paraflows 06-panels
>> (September 10th - 11th 2006) at the Semperdepot of the Academy of  
>> Fine
>> Arts Vienna will mark the beginning of a week of work and  
>> discussion for
>> the NetzNetz community the following days.
>> ------------------------
>> paraflows 06 / CONTACT
>> office at paraflows.at
>> Festival Manager: Guenther Friesinger , Assistance: Sabine Maierhofer
>> Exhibition: Angela Dorrer, Support: Judith Fegerl
>> Symposium: Leo Findeisen
>> Office: MQ Musumsquartier, c/o monochrom, A-1070 Wien,  
>> Museumsplatz 1, Austria
>> Paraflows06 is funded by the City of Vienna, MA7 Netculture.
>> Supported by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the University of  
>> Vienna.
>> ------------------------

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