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ISEA (International Symposium on Electronic Art)2006, an international 
conference held in conjunction with ZeroOne San Jose: A Global Festival of 
art on the Edge, will be held in San Jose, CA, August 7-13 2006. Both 
events are "situated at the critical intersection of art and technology." 
ISEA2006 re:mote is a symposium within ISEA2006 and is issuing a Call for 

ISEA2006 re:mote, August 10-12, 2006

Open Call

ISEA2006 re:mote is inviting media spaces and individual artists, 
theorists, and curators from around the world to speak  or perform via 
remote technologies to the audience at ISEA. Presentations to be directed 
at the four themes of ISEA 2006. Participants are invited to present or 
perform on topics included within the ISEA symposium, and onsite audience 
interaction with the presenters is also encouraged. ISEA re:mote will 
focus on presenting media spaces and people that would otherwise be 
excluded from presenting their work at ISEA due to financial, political, 
or logistical reasons.

The length of each presentation can be negotiated, however, for now we 
have set the maximum time limit of 20 minutes. Technologies used will be 
up to each presenter, the premise is that the technologies should be easy 
for you to use and access and  ISEA2006 re:mote will manage the 
corresponding technology requirements as much as possible onsite at 
ISEA2006.  Live and pre-recorded material can be included. Live 
presentations could use any available technlogies including voice 
technologies such as Skype/OpenWengo/Gizmo/Linphone/Ekiga or other 
softphones, audio or video streams, video conferencing with softwares like 
ichatAV/Ekiga/Skype/OpenWengo, web cams, shared desktops using softwares 
like VNC/RemotePC or Remote Desktop, text chats such as irc or webchats, 
avatar environments, gaming environments, or even the telephone! In 
situations where your available bandwidth is limited or restricted, 
delivery of digital presentation material (audio/video) can be delivered 
electronically or posted by traditional mail. In all situations online 
presence of the presenters would be beneficial, this may take the form of 
IM, irc or other text based chat technologies if 'realtime' audio or video 
communications are not possible. Creative use of remote presentation 
technologies is encouraged!

Time slots have to be negotiated, but we are willing to bend as much as we 
can to include as many people as possible from various time zones. 
Unfortunately there are no honoraria available for this event.

ISEA2006 will feature four themes: Interactive City, Community Domain, 
Transvergence, and Pacific Rim. Please see the following links for further 
information on each on the themes:


Interactive City

Community Domain

Pacific Rim

All proposals need only be a short paragraph outlining what you would like 
to present, a short bio (one paragraph), and the software, technology, or 
other delivery process you would like to use for the presentation. Please 
email this information to  Adam Hyde at :

adam at xs4all.nl

ISEA2006 re:mote is a collaboration between ISEA2006 ( http://01sj.org/ ) 
and Adam Hyde ( http://www.xs4all.nl/~adam <http://www.xs4all.nl/%7Eadam> 
) and is based on the re:mote series of events:

re:mote auckland - organised by r a d i o q u a l i a and ((ethermap

re:mote regina - organised by r a d i o q u a l i a and soil media lab


International new media art discourse is stimulated by festivals and 
events like ISEA2006 which form temporary cultural centers to represent, 
present and discuss networked and digital technologies. However by forming 
temporary centers we also tacitly create a notion of a periphery - with 
temporary centers also come temporary peripheries. In new media culture 
this is a paradox as much new media art, theory, and discourse reflects on 
the network itself and the elusiveness and redundancy of centers and 

ISEA2006 re:mote attempts to dissuade us from imposing these distinctions 
by providing a platform for artists, commentators, curators, performers 
and theorists to participate in ISEA 2006 via online and pre-recorded 


selected projects

the streaming suitcase

r a d i o q u a l i a

Free as in 'media'
email : adam at xs4all.nl
mobile : + 31 6 186 75 356 (Netherlands mobile)

Adam Hyde

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