[artinfo] exhibition:SECRET#1

Artdora artdora at free.fr
Tue Jul 4 13:02:49 CEST 2006

8 July 2006
La Rochelle (France)
open 8-25 July from 14 to19 o'clock
It's about secrets. So please don't forget to bring your secret.

"Our lives are embedded of secrets: the sky, the materials, our birth 
and ourselves. They make us grow and nourish us. Their power fill my 
soul and make me feel to discover their world. The world of your 
secrets." D. Stanczel

Dora Stanczel invites you to participate in her artistic work on SECRET 
by sharing a piece of yourself and telling your secrets. You can send 
them to artdora at free.fr or write it directly at her exhibition place. 
Anonymity will preserve your intimacy. Thank you for your participation 
which would be highly appreciated by the artist.

Szeretettel várok mindenkit a július 8.-án megnyíló
TITOK#1 című kiállításomra La Rochellebe(Franciaország).
A kiállítás megtekinthető július 8 és 25 között.
Kérlek ne feledjétek magatokkal hozni titkaitokat.

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