[artinfo] Call for Participation: Version>06 (Chicago)

Edmar ed at lumpen.com
Mon Jan 30 13:36:29 CET 2006

Call for Participation // Projects // Presentations // Provocations
  Version>06 :: Parallel Cities
  April 20- May 6, 2006 Chicago U$A


  Version is a hybrid festival focused on emerging discourses and practices 
evolving between art, technology and social and political activism. Version 
examines the activities of local configurations and external networks that 
use visual and conceptual art strategies, innovative social practices, 
creative uses of new technologies, organizing strategies, emerging 
activist/artist initiatives, campaigns, public interventions and DIY projects.

  During this annual convergence we engage in a dialogue about the possible 
futures ahead that may interdict or provide alternatives to current social, 
cultural and political trajectories. Version>06 is our fifth convergence 
and is dedicated to the theme of Parallel Cities. We will investigate and 
share local strategies and models to inspire action within local and global 
counter cartographies.

  We will convene in Chicago for a seventeen day open laboratory to explore 
a diversity of tactics and strategies to activate our communities and 
amplify our ideas and practices. Alternative spaces will be open for 
staging actions. Public spaces and corporate places will be terrains of 

  Version presents a very diverse program of activities featuring an 
experimental art exposition, artistic disturbances, exhibitions, networked 
urban events, screenings, interactive applications, performances, street 
art, presentations, talks, workshops, art rendez-vous, parties, and action.

  By bringing together a convergence of allied cultural and social forces 
and practices we hope that Version can help establish new methodologies and 
networks of cooperation. Representatives from other cities are invited to 
present their local counter cartographies as we reveal our own. We want to 
share your everyday micro actions as well as conceptual and practical 
projects and activities that can help us to transform personal and shared 
environments. We want to examine and showcase projects that can be 
duplicated in our urban environments. We want to hear stories of victories, 
large and small in making a difference in the various communities that we 
inhabit. We want to wage the culture war with fresh tactics and renewed energy.

  Please visit www.versionfest.org for more information or go to
adoptanamerican.com/version06 to use the online submission form.

  Alternatively you may mail your proposals to:
  960 W 31st St
  Chicago Il 60608

  contact ed(at)lumpen.com for help

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