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Thu Jan 26 02:04:30 CET 2006

   International Conference

   Art Institute
   Vytautas Magnus University
   Kaunas, Lithuania

   October 26-27, 2006

   Political art, art as a tool of power and a hostage of authority 
   these questions are hard to escape when researching Eastern European
   culture. The 20th century turned this region into a laboratory of
   social engineering and political experiments where boundaries of
   artistic practices have been tested too. Here one can easily find the
   most radical examples of cultural production that flirts between art
   and politics, the magic and failure of avant-garde utopia, the
   sharpest conflicts between ethics and aesthetics. Thus contexts of art
   practices as well as political contents of artistic strategies (rather
   than pure stylistic qualities and artistic values) are under
   consideration in recent studies of Eastern Europe art history.

   An objective of the conference is to bring together different case
   studies on art and politics in order to analyse a complex relationship
   between artistic and political regimes as well as political meanings
   of art in Soviet and Post-Soviet conditions. Participants are invited
   to consider the following topics:

     * Subversions of political art in non-democratic state
     * Cultural policy and culture as resistance
     * In search of panacea: resistance, transgression, appropriation
     * Critique of representation  and creating of new myths
     * Aesthetical norms and/or national style
     * Self identities [autobiography, body, individual mythologies] in
       the sidelines of regime
     * Ideological art and artistic ideologies.

   Participants are requested to submit their papers in the form of case
   studies using a particular artifact, event or phenomena as a ground
   for research of a broader problem focused on the varied intersections
   of art and politics. Presentations will be limited to 20 minutes. A
   publication of conference proceedings is also planned.

   Abstracts (250-300 words) accompanied with short CV should be sent to
   the address below by April 20, 2006. Accepted papers will be notified
   by May 2, 2006.

   Conference organiser:
   Art Institute, Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania
   Academic Referees:
   Assoc. prof. Rasa Zukien (Art Institute, VDU, Kaunas)
   Prof. Egidijus Aleksandravicius (VDU, Kaunas)
   Prof. Vojtech Lahoda (Institute of Art History, Academy of Science of
   the Czech Republic, Prague)
   Prof. Piotr Piotrowski (Institute of Art History, A. Mickiewicz
   University, Poznan)
   Linara Dovydaityte, dr. Jurate Tutlyte.

   Art Institute
   Vytautas Magnus University
   Laisves ave. 53-405
   LT-44309 Kaunas

   E-mail: [1]Linara_Dovydaityte at fc.vdu.lt; [2]Jurate_Tutlyte at fc.vdu.lt


   1. 3D"mailto:Linara_Dovydaityte at fc.vdu.lt"
   2. 3D"mailto:Jurate_Tutlyte at fc.vdu.lt"

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